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All About Faith von Anne Boyle

All About Faith Anne Boyle

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This new one-volume edition of All About Faith has been rewritten in light of teaching and examination experience to present the complete Religious Education course for Junior Certificate in a single textbook.

All About Faith Zusammenfassung

All About Faith Anne Boyle

The book fulfils the requirements of both the Department of Education and Science syllabus and the Catechetical Guidelines of the Irish Catholic Bishops.

The text has been thoroughly revised and restructured, and simplified where necessary. Some new material has also been added.

The idea of 'Communities of Faith' is introduced from the outset and then integrated throughout the text.

This one-volume edition of All About Faith is suitable for mixed-ability classes. It follows a graded approach, reflecting both the student's growing understanding of religion and the questioning climate of today's classroom.

Both examination-type questions and reflective exercises are included, making the book suitable for both examination and non-examination classes.

Attractive full-colour design with numerous photographs and illustrations.

Über Anne Boyle

Anne and Niall Boyle both teach religion at St Patrick's Classical School, Navan, Co. Meath. They are also the authors of the popular senior cycle textbook The Challenge of God: Exploring Morality.


Part One: Foundations
1. Communities of Faith: An Introduction to Religion
2. The Elements of Religion
3. Faith and Prayer
Part Two: Judaism
4. The Origins of Judaism
5. Judaism: Sacred Text and Worship
Part Three: The Origins of Christianity
6. The Bible
7. The Gospels: Similarities and Differences
8. The Birth of Jesus
9. Life in Palestine
10. Under Roman Rule
11. Jesus Prepares for His Mission
12. Jesus Begins His Public Ministry
13. The Kingdom of God
14. Teaching by Parables
15. The Miracles of Jesus
16. Jesus' Entry into Jerusalem
17. Jesus in the Temple
18. The Arrest and Interrogation of Jesus
19. The Trial and Death of Jesus
20. The Resurrection of Jesus
21. The Expansion of Christianity
22. The Identity of Jesus
23. The Trinity
Part Four: Christianity: Beliefs and Worship
24. Christianity: Creed and Traditions
25. Growing Closer to God in the Sacraments
26. Place of Worship: The Church
27. The Liturgical Year
28. Pilgrimage
Part Five: Communities of Faith in Ireland
29. Catholicism
30. Protestantism
31. Ecumenism
Part Six: Islam
32. The Origins of Islam
33. Islam: Belief and Worship
Part Seven: Hinduism
34. Hinduism: Origins, Belief and Worship
Part Eight: Buddhism
35. The Origins of Buddhism
36. Buddhism: Sacred Text, Belief and Worship
Part Nine: Challenges to Faith
37. Religion and Science: The Origins of the Conflict
38. Interpreting the Bible
39. Religion and Science in Partnership
40. Religion in Contemporary Society
Part Ten: Morality
41. Introduction to Morality
42. Love One Another
43. Discipleship
44. Making Moral Decisions
45. Sin and Forgiveness
46. Law and Morality
47. Exploring Moral Issues
Part Eleven: Life after Death
48. Reason for Hope
49. The Life Beyond

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All About Faith Anne Boyle
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