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The Story of My Life von Gilberto Pizzamiglio

The Story of My Life Gilberto Pizzamiglio

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Seducer, gambler, necromancer, swindler, swashbuckler, poet, self-made gentleman, bon vivant, Giacomo Casanova was a notorious lover of the Western world. This title contains the highlights of Casanova's life: his youth in Venice as a precocious ecclesiastic; his dabbling in the occult; his imprisonment and escape; and his amorous conquests.

The Story of My Life Zusammenfassung

The Story of My Life Gilberto Pizzamiglio

Seducer, gambler, necromancer, swindler, swashbuckler, poet, self-made gentleman, bon vivant, Giacomo Casanova was not only the most notorious lover of the Western world, but a supreme story teller. He lived a life stranger than most fictions, and the tale of his own adventures is his most compelling story, and one that remained unfinished at the time of his death. This new selection contains all the highlights of Casanova's life: his youth in Venice as a precocious ecclesiastic; his dabbling in the occult; his imprisonment and thrilling escape; and his amorous conquests, ranging from noblewomen to nuns.

Über Gilberto Pizzamiglio

Giacomo Casanova (1725-1798) was born in Venice, the son of actors who wanted him to become a priest. Instead he had numerous occupations, and is remembered as one of history's great lovers.

Stephen Satarelli is a poet and translator of Italian and French literary works.
Sophie Hawes is an artist, printmaker, and translator.
Gilberto Pizzamiglio is Professor of Italian Literature at the University of Venice.


Introduction by Gilberto Pizzamiglio
Note on the Text
Translators' Note


Family history. My first memory. Journey to Padua.



My grandmother boards me at the home of Doctor Gozzi. My first acquaintance with love.

Bettina believed to be mad. Father Mancia. The pox. I leave Padua.

The patriarch of Venice confers the minor orders on me. Getting to know Senator Malipiero, Teresa Imer, Father Tosello's niece, Signora Orio, Nanetta, Marta, and La Cavamacchie. I become a preacher. My adventure at Pasiano with Lucia.

My brief but highly eventful visit to Ancona. Cecilia, Marina, Bellino. The Greek slave girl from the lazaretto. Bellino revealed.

Bellino Unmasked. His Story

Comic encounter at Orsara. Journey to Corfu. Sojourn in Constantinople. Bonneval. My return to Corfu.

I became a true good-for-nothing. A great stroke of luck raises me from destitution to the rank of wealthy gentleman.

My apprenticeship in Paris. Portraits. Oddities. A thousand things.

My blunders in the French language, my successes, my many acquaintances. Louis XV. My brother arrives in Paris.

My sojourn in Vienna. Joseph II. My departure for Venice.

First meeting with M. M. Letter from C. C. Second meeting with the nun in my superb casino in Venice. I am happy.

Continuation of the preceding chapter. Visit to the convent and conversation with M. M. Her letter to me and my answer. Rendezvous at the casino in Murano, witnessed by her lover.

Under the lead roof. The earthquake.

Soradaci's betrayal. The means I used to overwhelm him. Father Balbi succeeds in his task. I leave my cell. Count Asquini's untimely remarks. The moment of departure.

My escape from the prison. I nearly lose my life on the roof. I leave the Ducal Palace, take ship and reach the mainland. Father Balbi exposes me to danger. The ruse by which I separate from him for the moment.

Voltaire, my discussions with the great man. Ariosto. The duke of Villars. The syndic and his three lovely ladies. Debate at Voltaire's house.

Cardinal Passionei. The pope. Mariuccia. My arrival in Naples.

I reach Marseilles. Mme. D'Urfe. My niece is well received by Mme. Audibert. I get rid of my brother and Passano. Regeneration. Mme. d'Urfe departs. Marcolina's constancy.

My arrival in London. Mrs. Cornelys. I am presented at Court. I rent a furnished house. I meet many people. The customs of the English.

Lord Keith. Appointment with the king of Prussia in the garden of Sans Souci. My conversation with the monarch. La Denis. The Pomeranian cadets.

I meet the czarina. My conversations with the great Sovereign. La Valville. I leave Zaira. My departure from St. Petersburg and arrival in Warsaw. Princes Adam Czartoryski and Sulkowski. The king of Poland, Stanislaus Poniatowski, called Stanislaus Augustus I. Theatrical intrigues. Branicki.

My duel with Branicki.

My departure from Paris. My journey to Madrid. The count of Aranda. The prince of La Catolica. The duke of Losada. Mengs. A ball. La Pichona. Dona Ignacia.

My courtship of Dona Ignacia, the gentleman-cobbler's daughter. My imprisonment at Buen Retiro and my triumph. I am recommended to the Venetian ambassador by a State Inquisitor of the Republic.


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The Story of My Life Gilberto Pizzamiglio
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