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Physics for You - National Curriculum Edition for GCSE von Lawrie Ryan

Physics for You - National Curriculum Edition for GCSE Lawrie Ryan

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The most popular series for GCSE has been updated to offer comprehensive coverage of the revised GCSE specifications. Physics for You, has been updated in-line with the revised National Curriculum requirements.

Physics for You - National Curriculum Edition for GCSE Zusammenfassung

Physics for You - National Curriculum Edition for GCSE Lawrie Ryan

This title is ideal for mixed ability sets or streamed sets, where students will be entered for either Lower or Higher Tier at GCSE. Harder topics that are exclusive to the Higher Tier (Grades A*-B) are clearly marked. The series aims to raise the achievement of 'border-line' candidates to help them achieve more at GCSE. Single and Double Science can be taught as both options are clearly marked. This textbook is designed to be accessible to all students, with extra support provided in separate Support Packs for teachers. Key Concepts are easy to access in the text and important facts are summarised at the end of each chapter. This textbook contains a comprehensive range of optional experiments and investigations within the text with additional guidance to help students understand the results of their work. Additional support for ICT is included. Full coverage of the Key Skills requirements is covered. It offers a range of support for Ideas and Evidence in Science.


Part 1 Basic ideas: units; energy; molecules. Part 2 Heat (thermal energy): expansion; thermometers; the gas laws; measuring heat; conduction, convection, radiation; changing state; heat engines; further questions on heat. Part 3 Mechanics: pushes and pulls; density; pressure; more about forces, physics at work - friction; turning forces; work, energy and power, physics at work - supplying electricity; machines; velocity and acceleration, physics at work - sport; momentum; further questions on mechanics. Part 4 Earth physics and astronomy: the Earth and beyond, physics at work - satellites; further questions on astronomy. Part 5 Waves - light and sound: waves; light; reflection; curved mirrors; refraction, physics at work - fibre optics, physics at work - lasers; lenses; optical instruments; colour, physics at work - electromagnetic waves; sound, physics at work - ultrasonic echoes; further questions on waves. Part 6 Electricity and magnetism: static electricity, physics at work - static electricity; circuits; heating effect of a current; chemical effect of a current; further questions on electricity (1); magnetism, physics at work - magnets; magnetic effect of a current; electromagnetic induction, physics at work - in your home; electron beams, physics at work - in the office; electronics, physics at work -communications, physics at work - radio; further questions on electricity (2). Part 7 Nuclear physics: radioactivity, physics at work - radioactive dating; further questions on radioactivity. Part 8 Extra sections: how scientists work; ideas and evidence; famous names; history of inventions; key skills; doing your practical coursework; revision techniques; revision programme; revision checklist; examination technique; careers using physics; check your maths; answers.

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Physics for You - National Curriculum Edition for GCSE Lawrie Ryan
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Oxford University Press
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