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Magic of Circular

The Magic of Circular

We don’t believe that books should only be read once, or have a single owner; this underpins everything we do. We want to share the love of literature by rereading and reusing books. Finding books new homes so they can be reread, turning books into something new - we see this as the magic of the circular economy.

We see the value in used books; in the joy they can bring, in knowledge they contain, in the paper of their pages. Our customers understand this too, they love books, reading, and literature and don’t want to see old books go to waste. That is how books come to us, through individuals donating their books to charity shops or selling them to us through Ziffit, so someone else can enjoy them.

Charities understand the value of books too, used book sales help them to carry out their good work. We are proud to be able to support that by buying surplus books from them, removing waste costs from books and providing software so charities can sell more themselves.

We also understand that creating a product has an impact on the environment, and reusing a book has a positive impact. It uses less energy and fewer resources to reuse than produce and we close the loop so more books can find a new home.

But we want to do more, and have made three ambitious pledges to guide us to 2020: