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Books by Cameron M. Smith

Dr. Cameron M. Smith, Ph.D., teaches human evolution and prehistory at the Department of Anthropology at Portland State University in Oregon. His professional training began as a student of Harvard University's early human archaeology field school at the Leakey research station in northern Kenya. After a year at the University of London's Institite of Archaeology, Dr. Smith earned a Joint Honors BA in Anthropology and Archaeology at Durham University before completing graduate degrees in the US and Canada. His courses emphasize adaptation and evolution as structuring factors of human prehistory. Dr. Smith has been widely published in both scientific journals and popular science magazines, including the American Journal of Physical Anthropology, Structure and Dynamics, the Journal of Field Archaeology, Scientific American MIND, Scientific American, Evolution: Education and Outreach, Archaeology, Hang Gliding and Paragliding and Spaceflight. He has written about evolution book and magazines including The Top Ten Myths About Evolution (Prometheus, 2006) endorsed by the National Center for Science Education and the American Library Association, and The Fact of Evolution (Prometheus, 2011) endorsed by Science Daily and recently picked for the Scientific American Book Club. Away from his office, Dr.Smith is an active Scuba diver and paraglider pilot. He is a fellow of both the Royal Geographical Society and the Explorers Club of New York.

Evan T. Davies, Ph.D., began his academic training in archaeology at Cornell University and has conducted fieldwork throughout the United States, Europe, sub-Saharan Africa and the South Pacific. He completed his graduate studies in cultural anthropology at Rice University, where he focused on land use among traditional hunter-gatherer societies in Central Africa. He serves as a defense attache, African area expert and imagery scientist in the United States Navy. In 2007 while deployed on a combat tour with the multi-national forces in Iraq, Dr. Davies became involved with efforts to preserve Iraqi antiquities and archaeological sites. His experiences in Iraq led him to pursue medical studies and in the coming years he intends to work in wilderness and expedition medicine as well as continue anthropological research into indigenous pharmaceuticals and healing practices. Dr. Davies is a fellow of both the Royal Geographical Society and the Explorers Club of New York and his popular science writing has appeared in Wiley publications as well as Spaceflight and Archaeology magazines. He has a held a lifelong interest in space exploration.

The Top 10 Myths about Evolution By Cameron M. Smith
The Top 10 Myths about Evolutionby Cameron M. Smith
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Emigrating Beyond Earth By Cameron M Smith
Emigrating Beyond Earthby Cameron M Smith
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