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Books by General Count Philip De Segur

Philip Paul, Comte de Segur, (1780-1873) was born into a long line of military men. In 1800 he enlisted in the cavalry and saw his first major action with General Macdonald in the Grison. Like his father before him he was also a historian and his first publication was an account of this first campaign. He was attached to the personal staff of Napoleon and in this capacity was present at most of Bonaparte's major campaigns, including the Russian expedition and the Peninsular Wars, as well as doing diplomatic duties when required. After the restoration of the Monarchy he remained in the army, but having supported Napoleon during the Hundred Days, he was retired until 1818. In 1831 he received the rank of Lieutenant-General and a peerage. As well as his military achievements he was admitted to the French Academy in 1830 and published several works of French history.