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JUSTIN TOMLINSON, a Digital Nomad, who loves creating value on an international scale. Former Manager Continental Europe of FranklinCovey, Co-Founder of Reichart LG and now founder of ValueAdd Group in Switzerland. A known problem-solver with an unorthodox approach involving meetings on horseback and boats instead of boardrooms, has made Tomlinson a very sought-after advisor. He's earned loyal clients including Roche/Genentech, Johnson & Johnson, Boehringer Ingelheim, Sanofi and Telus, all of whom value not only his candor and business savvy but obvious love of life. "I am all about enabling people to live lives that matter," he says, "A life that is uniquely satisfying for them. That's different for everyone, but there are a lot of common elements: relationships, family, friends and doing meaningful work that has impact." THOMAS REICHART, a digital pioneer, he grew and sold one of the first businesses in Germany in his 20s. Former CEO of FranklinCovey Europe, leading expert on Leadership and Managerial Effectiveness. He relentlessly applies what he learns in the companies he operates and in several of the world's top brands including Roche, Allianz, Henkel and KPMG where he consults."Life is not about finding yourself-it's about creating yourself," Reichart says, "My greatest joy is facilitating structure and process within a managerial assignment to the point where it results in stress-free productivity and increased capacity. "
Live with Intent By Justin Tomlinson
Live with Intentby Justin Tomlinson
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