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Justin Wilson, always dapper in suspenders and a bow tie, was the author of several books. He starred in three acclaimed cooking series that aired on more than 300 PBS stations nationwide. The Cajun comedian produced 27 comedy albums that charmed audiences and, at one point, even outsold Elvis Presley. Wilson passed away on September 6, 2001, but his spirit lives on through the recipes he shared and the programs he made during his lifetime, which continue to air on PBS affiliates. Howard Jacobs was one of America's most widely read--and quoted--newspaper columnists. A native Louisianian, Jacobs wrote for the New Orleans Times-Picayune for more than twenty-five years. His column "Remoulade" (a Creole sauce) featured anecdotes, humor, and malapropisms. The late Ray Erwin, longtime columnist for Editor and Publisher, acclaimed Jacobs' writings as "a peppery, zestful, spicy, piquant, appetizing concoction confected by a master columninst-chef." Jacobs' work has appeared in virtually every major newspaper in the nation, as well as in numerous magazines, including Reader's Digest, Newsweek, V.I.P., and the Saturday Evening Post.
Justin Wilson Cookbook, The By Justin Wilson
Justin Wilson Cookbook, Theby Justin Wilson
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