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Mrs Moon is the online yarn store of sisters Susan Ritchie and Karen Miller, who as small children learned to crochet and knit in the yarn and sewing shop their mother ran. Now with families of their own, Susan and Karen have followed in their mother's footsteps, but in 21st-century style. Their online store sells their own yarn line, Plump, a chunky yarn that has been joined by its skinnier sister, Plump DK, and a furry cousin, Fluff. They also design unique patterns, teach bespoke classes, and run crochet and knitting meet-ups, and their first book, Simple Chic Knits, is available from CICO Books. Susan and Karen live in south-west London.

Simple Chic Crochet By Susan Ritchie
Simple Chic Crochetby Susan Ritchie
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