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The Endocrine System at a Glance By Ben Greenstein

The Endocrine System at a Glance by Ben Greenstein

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The Endocrine System at a Glance provides a concise and accessible introduction and revision aid for medical students in the early years of their course.

The Endocrine System at a Glance Summary

The Endocrine System at a Glance by Ben Greenstein

The Endocrine System at a Glance provides a concise and accessible introduction and revision aid for medical students in the early years of their course. Following the familiar, easy-to-use at a Glance format, each topic is presented as a double-page spread with key facts accompanied by clear tables and diagrams encapsulating all the students need to know. This new edition of Endocrinology at a Glance: * Contains a second colour throughout to enhance the visual appeal, making the subject even easier to understand * Presents schematic diagrams on the left page and concise explanations of the right, providing a user-friendly overview of endocrinology * Has been thoroughly revised and updated, including brand new information on: * Obesity * Osteoporosis * Infertility Endocrinology at a Glance will appeal to all medical students studying endocrinology and revising for final exams. The book is also suitable for those training in allied health professions and nurses specialising in endocrinology.

The Endocrine System at a Glance Reviews

"For pre-clinical students it is a perfect accompaniment to lectures as it reinforces understanding. For clinical students each chapter begins with a clinical scenario which allows the individual to understand the problem in a clinical setting and therefore understand the physiology behind the condition." GKT Gazette "This is a handy guide for undergraduate medical students revising for examinations, or even for learning basic an affordable price, students should find it a useful addition to their bookshelves." Diabetic Medicine, January 2007 "I would recommend this book, because it explains things so clearly and simply. There is no section I have read that I don't understand upon reading. The same topics I have struggled with when studying from other books would now be easier to understand having read material that helps me grasp the concepts as more of a whole." 3rd year Medical Student, Nottingham University "...This is an excellent text for medical or science students taking courses in endocrinology" Aslib Book Guide "...The book would be a good basic orientation for the clinical student, and would, I think, find a useful place amongst the literature of undergraduate biochemists and lift scientists" Oxford Medical School Gazette "...At first sight, I really thought that Endocrinology was going to be a doddle. With only 10 lectures in the course, how much information could there be to learn. The answer, quite simply is that there is a lot to know, and as I detest long Medical Textbooks, this is the answer. You relied on Pharmacology at a Glance, now you can do the same for your endocrinology. When a good picture tells the story, why do you need a huge monologue to bore you? Try this, you'll like it!" Scope Magazine

About Ben Greenstein

Ben Greenstein, Senior Visiting Research Fellow, School of Biological Sciences, Open University, Milton Keynes, UK Diana Wood, Director of Medical Education & Clinical Dean, University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine, Clinical School, Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge, UK

Table of Contents

Part 1 Fundamentals. 1. Introduction. 2. Chemical transmission. 3. Mechanisms of hormone action: I Membrane receptors. 4. Mechanisms of hormone action: II Intracellular receptors. 5. The hypothalamus and pituitary gland. 6. Gonadotrophin-releasing hormone: a peptide hormone. 7. Principles of feedback control. Part 2 Growth. 8. Growth: I Cellular growth factors. 9. Growth: II Normal growth. 10. Growth: III Growth hormone. 11. Growth: IV Pathophysiology. Part 3 Thyroid. 12. Thyroid: I Thyroid gland and thyroid hormones. 13. Thyroid: II Thyroid hormone secretion and action. 14. Thyroid: III Thyroid pathophysiology. Part 4 Adrenals and autoimmunity. 15. Adrenal gland: I Adrenal medulla. 16. Adrenal gland: II Adrenocortical hormones. 17. Adrenal gland: III Adrenocorticotrophic hormone (ACTH). 18. Adrenal gland: IV Cortisol and androgens. 19. Adrenal gland: V Aldosterone. 20. Adrenal gland: VI Pathophysiology. 21. Endocrine autoimmunity. Part 5 Sexual differentiation and development. 22. Sexual differentiation and development: I Introduction. 23. Sexual differentiation and development: II Puberty. Part 6 Female reproduction. 24. Female reproduction: I Menstrual cycle. 25. Female reproduction: II Ovarian steroids. 26. Female reproduction: III Pregnancy. 27. Female reproduction: IV Parturition and lactation. 28. Female reproduction: V Pathophysiology. 29. Female reproduction: VI Contraception. Part 7 Male reproduction. 30. Male reproduction: I The testis. 31. Male reproduction: II Actions of androgens. 32. Male reproduction: III Pathophysiology. Part 8 Posterior pituitary hormones, salt and water balance and hypertension. 33. Oxytocin. 34. Vasopressin. 35. Renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system. 36. Endocrine hypertension. Part 9 Metabolic endocrinology: Pancreas and gastrointestinal tract. 37. Insulin: I The pancreas and insulin secretion. 38. Insulin: II Insulin action. 39. Insulin: III Type I diabetes mellitus. 40. Insulin: IV Type 2 diabetes mellitus. 41. Glucagon. 42. Gastrointestinal hormones. Part 10 Metabolic endocrinology: Energy homoeostasis and obesity. 43. Energy homoeostasis: I Summary. 44. Energy homoeostasis: II Central control. 45. Obesity: I Causes of obesity. 46. Obesity: II Cardiovascular and respiratory complications. 47. Obesity: III Insulin resistance and endocrine complications. Part 11 Calcium and metabolic bone disease. 48. Calcium: I Parathyroid hormone (PTH). 49. Calcium: II Calcitonin. 50. Calcium: III Vitamin D. 51. Bone remodelling. 52. Metabolic bone disease: I Paget's disease. 53. Metabolic bone disease: II Primary osteoporosis. 54. Metabolic bone disease: III Secondary osteoporosis. Glossary. Index

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The Endocrine System at a Glance by Ben Greenstein
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