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Maitreya's Mission By Benjamin Creme

Maitreya's Mission by Benjamin Creme

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A compelling vision of the future with Maitreya, the World Teacher, openly offering His guidance to humanity to create a civilization worthy of its divine potential. Peace will be established through the sharing of the world's resources as the norm and maintaining our environment a top priority.

Maitreya's Mission Summary

Maitreya's Mission: Volume 3 by Benjamin Creme

Benjamin Creme presents a compelling vision of the future. With Maitreya, the World Teacher, and His disciples the Masters of Wisdom openly offering Their guidance, humanity will create a civilization worthy of its divine potential. Peace will be established; sharing the world's resources the norm; maintaining our environment a top priority. The new education will teach the fact of the soul and the evolution of consciousness. The cities of the world will be transformed into centres of great beauty. This book offers invaluable wisdom on a vast range of topics. It includes Maitreya's priorities for the future, and interviews with a Master of Wisdom on 'The Challenge of the 21st Century'. It explores karma and reincarnation, the origin of humanity, meditation and service, the Plan of evolution, and other fundamental concepts of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings. It includes a fascinating look from an esoteric, spiritual perspective at 10 famous artists - among them Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Rembrandt. Like the first two volumes of Maitreya's Mission, this work combines profound spiritual truths with practical solutions to today's most vexing problems. It is indeed a message of hope for a humanity ready to "begin the creation of a civilization such as this world has never yet seen".

Maitreya's Mission Reviews

Maitreya's Mission Volume Three, by Benjamin Creme A book review by Carmen Font The beginning of life ahead for humanity is simple in its foundations but requires a deep inward look and right preparation. Maitreya offers a helping hand on what to pack for this auspicious journey, advising us on the essentials for the future and what we should leave behind because it belongs to the past. Thus equipped with our best achievements in every field, and aware of the challenges ahead, humanity can embark on a new, just life for all, with meaning and purpose. In Maitreya's Mission Volume Three (MMIII) we are given indications on how to stand on our own two feet, but also equipped with the kind of inner knowledge that triggers and nurtures change in every area: economic, political, social and environmental. MMIII expands upon Maitreya's priorities in its very first chapter. There are many nuances to the well-known "food, education, shelter and healthcare" basics, since in order to provide these essentials in a consistent manner, men and women must strengthen their sense of brotherhood through a political system that guarantees non-aggression and peace. The role of the United Nations is crucial in this respect, not only because it will represent the true parliament of the world, but also for its managerial role as distributor of the resources of the planet. Benjamin Creme reminds us of the difference between a world government - which will not exist as such, since Maitreya will not "head up" any organisation - and a world parliament in which the United Nations is expected to be "powerful enough to act in the name of humanity" (p.80), "a debating chamber to air and settle international problems" (p.79). So far the United Nations has been deprived of its true function and we are reminded of a case in point in which power-hungry men such as Milosevic in Serbia and Karajdic in Bosnia "are adventurers who see opportunities in the weakness of the United Nations and the various imbalances in the world to create situations in which they can gain territory and power" (p.79). Even though the last war in the Balkans took place in the mid and late 1990s, this information echoes current events in the political scene, with scenarios such as the Middle East, Africa or North Korea growing increasingly dangerous for the political balance of the world. In order to avoid the mistrust that feeds the sense of separation and, as a result, the lack of sharing, and therefore justice and peace, we are advised to cultivate qualities such as goodwill and its loving peers: harmlessness and detachment. These inborn qualities can and will be properly expressed with the new education in the New Age, since children and adults will be educated in the laws of love and life. But Maitreya's presence in our midst will "potentize that goodwill. He will confirm in them [men and women everywhere] their attitude to life and will so potentize it that He will build a world opinion against which no government on Earth can stand" (p.157). The life that awaits humanity in the New Age - as the previous books Maitreya's Mission One and Two highlighted - is aware of its incommensurable potential in every field of human endeavour, and confident in its deep bonding. This attitude, properly trained by the self and with the inspiration of Maitreya's presence among us, will bring both solace and delight in the joy of living. Travelling will be easier and faster, cities will be beautified and "people will make their life a work of art, and this will find expression in the architectural field with the creation of new structures, many of which will be extraordinarily beautiful and new" (p.169). There is an indisputable "beauty" quality in MMIII in every one of its chapters, to the extent that in every section and for most of its subject-matter the idea of the "beautiful" permeates the whole book. Life ahead will be beautiful, because Maitreya's words here point at further internal developments within us that allow life to be not merely pleasant, but radiant. Maitreya's Mission does not only consist of alleviating the many forms of suffering and spiritual deprivation in the world, it aims too at making human life worthy of living every day. But before this can happen in full capacity, our house, our planet, must also be cleansed. Chapter 2 is devoted to the 'Challenges of the 21st Century', which apart from the impending economic and political crises - on which MMII focused its contents - is essentially a crisis of the environment. Without a proper ecological balance, planet Earth would cease to exist. And since humanity has abused and is abusing the environment, the work of the Space Brothers has long been fundamental in avoiding further damage. "Life on this planet would be utter misery were it not for the help of our Space Brothers who neutralize this pollution and render it harmless within karmic limits" (p.185). This is in fact what we have witnessed in recent years with increasing UFO sightings and even Maitreya's 'star', with its extra planetary nature, that alerts us to Maitreya's emergence. The details and full repercussion of Maitreya's emergence on the Day of Declaration is the focus of Chapter 3, in which Benjamin Creme's Master explains the actual experience of Maitreya's presence among us. The immensity of this event, which is precipitating now, acquires an intimate dimension that is worth revisiting at this time: "I have said it so many times," writes Benjamin Creme, "but never until this moment, and probably not at this moment, have I been able to grasp the enormous impact of that, the enormity, the newness, uniqueness, of this event" (p.255). We can also read in this chapter a long succession of miracles - from visions of the Madonna to the Hindu milk miracle and the crosses of light - that offer a highly informative perspective on the original and inspiring ways in which Hierarchy has been helping humanity from all traditions, cultures and frames of mind. It helps the reader to have a better grasp of the full dimension and the gradual approach of Maitreya's emergence. "They [the signs] show them that God is concerned with humanity. They are indications, for those who can understand, that there is a plan, and that God never forgets about the world. If you are a devout Catholic you will see that in religious terms" (p.313). For many years Maitreya appeared to orthodox religious groups worldwide in order to 'introduce' Himself and appease any possible negative reaction to His presence. These appearances to religious groups from many different traditions are also indicative of the fact that Maitreya cares for every corner of the world and every recess of the human heart. Truly, the age of miracles knows no end. But the miracles of Maitreya are not a hindrance to performing miracles ourselves. Chapter 4 reproduces the comprehensive and groundbreaking interview of Benjamin Creme with Rollin Olson on the Ageless Wisdom Teachings. So much and so important esoteric information had never been revealed in quite this way before. Benjamin Creme lays out the reasons why humanity is on planet Earth, what is our purpose here, and the actual process of growing in conscious awareness and, as a result, in happiness. An expanded version of this interview has been reprinted as a booklet, and reading it over and over again never exhausts the import and wealth of its content. This booklet will be reviewed in Share International later this year. In this celebration of human beauty that is MMIII, art could not be missing from its pages. Chapter 5 includes a long appraisal of several master painters with their most relevant contributions in the artistic field as well as their ray structures and point in evolution. These artists were inspired by Maitreya and it is also interesting to note the influence on their work of the rays of the nations in which they were born. "Remember also", writes Benjamin Creme, "that it is not the rays themselves which make someone great or small, it is the point in evolution which is relevant, and the consequent use of the rays" (p.388). In Chapter 6 we move from art to science. "The science of the Antahkarana is probably the most important science of the coming time" (p. 419) a science that is as yet unknown to humanity but "it will be the coming science of the mind of the New Age, the science of building the bridge between lower and higher man" (p.419). The precision and the beauty of this building process - in which we weave the threads with our own souls - bears witness to the illusion of separation. The gradual building of this conscious awareness tells us that there is "no sense of the separate self" (p.434). This is reality, and this is why, by losing oneself in service, we build the bridge of the Antahkarana, which at the same time, results in the creativity of service. With so many marvels awaiting humanity in the immediate future, and while participating in the precipitation of these events, it is no wonder that many are anxious to see them in place right away. Chapter 8 features another seminal theme that is worth reading over and over again: The art of waiting. Benjamin Creme's Master not only offers His wisdom about the relative concept of time and our comprehension of it, but here we are also given Benjamin Creme's insight into the actual dynamics of waiting while acting. Time has very little to do with physical time, but rather with our use of it and our impulse to serve. "The events of the world, what we call the past, which are still happening, the future which is happening now, have to precipitate" (p.526). This statement may seem odd and paradoxical but it is neither of these. Losing our sense of our 'lost' past and our 'uncertain' future will relieve us of the burden of the 'waiting', especially now, with Maitreya 'knocking on the door'. Maitreya's Mission Volume Three includes another most interesting and useful feature: an updated appendix containing the list of initiates. Besides the curiosity that these data trigger in readers, we can go beyond the numbers themselves and study this information bearing in mind the activity of the disciple, his or her time frame and contribution to the world. With this last volume in the Maitreya's Mission book series, Benjamin Creme reminds us how the energies that we are given at a certain time can be used (or misused) in the creativity and beautification of life as an ever consciously aware experience. Biographical Note Carmen Font is a writer and academic based in Barcelona, Spain.

About Benjamin Creme

Scottish-born painter and esotericist Benjamin Creme has for over 30 years been preparing the world for the most extraordinary event in human history - the return of our spiritual mentors to the everyday world. Benjamin Creme has appeared on television, radio and in documentary films worldwide and lectures throughout Western and Eastern Europe, the USA, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Mexico. Trained and supervised over many years by his own Master, he began his public work in 1974. In 1982 he announced that the Lord Maitreya, the long-awaited World Teacher, was living in London, ready to present Himself openly when invited by the media to do so. This event is now imminent. Benjamin Creme continues to carry out his task as messenger of this inspiring news. His books, fourteen at present, have been translated into many languages. He is also the editor of Share International magazine, which circulates in over 70 countries. He accepts no money for any of this work. Benjamin Creme lives in London, is married, and has three children.

Table of Contents

PREFACE INTRODUCTION The Emergence of Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom 1. MAITREYA'S PRIORITIES The Son of Man (by Benjamin Creme's Master); Maitreya's Priorities; The Rarity of a Christ in Our System; The Fact of God; Prayer - Invocation;The Fact of the Kingdom of God; The Spiritual Hierarchy; Master Jesus; Buddha and Other Masters;Avatars; Treasure of the Past, Marvels of the Future; World Peace and Brotherhood; United Nations;The Mantle of Power;Change in Political Structure; Maitreya's View: The Politics of the New Age; Economic Injustice - A Threat to World Peace; Stock-market Crash; Establishment of a System of Sharing; Poverty, Crime and Self-esteem: the Crucial Connection; Religion and Fundamentalism; Religion; Jesus and Bible Stories Education in the Laws of Life and Love; Goodwill, Harmlessness and Detachment; On Awareness, Knowledge and Wisdom; The New Architecture; New Forms of Travel; Pool of Knowledge 2. THE CHALLENGE OF THE 21ST CENTURY The Ecological Balance of the World (Interview with Benjamin Creme's Master) Closing Nuclear Reactors and Discovering New Energies; The Environment; What the Scientists May Be Overlooking; Restoring the Environment; Underground Nuclear Testing and Earthquakes; Weather; Aquarian Technology; Health Care; Ensuring Health Care as a Universal Right; Abortion; Healing Waters; Healing in the New Age; Death and Dying; Education in the New Age (Interview with Benjamin Creme) 3. TO SERVE ANEW To Serve Anew (by Benjamin Creme's Master ) Maitreya's Emergence;Television Appearance; Day of Declaration; Make Known His Presence; Maitreya's Appearances to Fundamentalist Groups and Various Individuals; List of Maitreya's Appearances World-Wide; The Age of Miracles Has No End; Visions of Virgin Mary; Hindu Milk Miracle; Miracle Waters; Crosses of Light; The Solar System; Crop Circles; UFOs and the Space Brothers 4. THE AGELESS WISDOM TEACHINGS (Interview with Benjamin Creme) Innate Divinity; Source of the Teachings; God; Energies; The Seven Rays; Rebirth and Reincarnation; The Law of Cause and Effect; The Plan of Evolution; Evolution and Initiation; The Masters of Wisdom; The Christ; The Antichrist; The Origin of Man; Meditation and Service; Spirituality; Future Changes 5. ARTISTS AND THEIR RAYS 6. THE ANTAHKARANA 7. TRANSMISSION MEDITATION What is Transmission Meditation? Alignment; Maintaining Alignment; Breath and Thought; Additional Questions on Transmission; Transmission and the Reappearance Work; On Meditation in General 8. THE ART OF WAITING A New Age Concept Of Time (by Benjamin Creme's Master) The Art of Waiting (Talk); Windows of Opportunity; The Sense of Timelessness; The Illusion of Time; Waiting - and the Reappearance GLOSSARY OF ESOTERIC TERMS APPENDIX. THE LIST OF INITIATES - THEIR RAYS AND STAGE OF EVOLUTION THE GREAT INVOCATION PRAYER FOR THE NEW AGE REFERENCES CITED BY THE AUTHOR BOOKS BY BENJAMIN CREME INDEX ABOUT THE AUTHOR

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