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Active Galactic Nuclei By H. Richard Miller

Active Galactic Nuclei by H. Richard Miller

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This volume summarizes recent developments in our understanding of active galactic nuclei, including quasars, seyfert galaxies and radio galaxies.

Active Galactic Nuclei Summary

Active Galactic Nuclei: Proceedings of a Conference Held at the Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia October 28-30, 1987 by H. Richard Miller

This volume summarizes recent developments in our understanding of active galactic nuclei, including quasars, seyfert galaxies and radio galaxies. The predominant emphasis is put on observational results with information from essentially all wave bands, but important theoretical results are also presented. Among the contributions are discussions of the different types of active galaxies, the nature of the central engine, the wiggly structure of radio jets, the dynamics of the gas in jets, the study of millimeter and extreme ultraviolet regions, and a discussion of the observed continuum of the entire electromagnetic spectrum. The intended readers are professional astronomers and astrophysicists as well as graduate students in this field of research.

Table of Contents

Emission-line spectra and the nature of active galactic nuclei.- Emission line regions in active galactic nuclei: A unified view.- Emission-line region structure from variability studies.- UV and optical spectroscopy of NGC 5548.- The circumnuclear environment of the nearby non-interacting Seyfert galaxies NGC 5273 and NGC 3516.- Long-slit spectroscopy of star-burst galaxies.- Voyager far UV observations of Markarian 509.- High resolution study of NGC 4151.- Long-slit echelle spectrograms of Seyfert galaxy nuclei.- Double peaked broad line profiles - edge on accretion disks or double quasar nuclei?.- OJ287 as a binary system.- Line profiles and the kinematics of the narrow-line region.- Reddening of narrow line regions.- Ultraviolet and optical spectra of broad-line radio galaxies.- Long slit CCD observations of active and normal galaxies.- Imaging spectrophotometry of ionized gas in active galaxies.- Some spectroscopic properties of mass-ejecting and radio-loud quasars.- Infrared spectroscopy of NGC 1068.- Dust and emission-line asymmetries in active galaxies.- Spectropolarimetry and the structure of active galactic nuclei.- Spectropolarimetry of "narrow-line Seyfert 1s".- Evidence for thermal emission components in highly polarized quasars.- The shape of the ultraviolet continuum of quasars.- A search for IRAS AGN.- Nuclear activity in warm IRAS galaxies.- An optical and radio survey of southern radio galaxies.- A study of Sersic-Pastoriza galaxies.- Infrared emission and tidal interactions of spiral galaxies.- The optical variability of selected blazars.- Long-term monitoring of a large sample of active galactic nuclei.- The long term optical variability of PKS 2201 + 044.- A photometric investigation of the optical variability of Markarian 501.- The optical variability of Arakelian 120, 1977-1987.- Observations of the 1987 outburst of AO 0235+164.- A complete spectral analysis of the flare of the quasar 3C 273.- Broad line variations of Seyfert galaxies.- Effect of pulsed variations of the ionizing continuum on the narrow line region.- Observations and interpretation of the multifrequency continua of AGN and QSOs.- Theory of AGN continuum radiation.- Model for the continuum emission of active galactic nuclei.- Fitting multi-wavelength continuum of AGN with improved accretion disk models.- Accretion-disk modelling of the optical-UV spectrum of quasars.- Synthesis of accretion disk and nonthermal source models for AGN.- Effects of self-gravity in AGNs.- Mass and length scale of black holes in quasars and active galactic nuclei.- X-ray spectra of active galaxies.- Clues to the X-ray emission mechanisms in flat radio spectrum AGNs.- X-ray timing of active galactic nuclei.- X-ray and optical studies of iras selected AGN.- Leakage of UHE photons from AGNs: Production of X-ray and ?-ray halos within 10-30 KPC.- Radiation dynamics and pair creation in AGN accretion shocks.- Thermal comptonization in compact sources and the cosmic X-ray background.- Radio sources: Small scale structure.- The internal conditions of parsec-scale relativistic jets.- The nuclear jet in M87.- European VLBI network observations of Seyfert Nuclei.- VLBI observations of the radio lobe spiral galaxy, NGC3079.- Compact steep spectrum radio sources.- The CM-wavelength fluxes and linear polarizations of BL Lac objects.- Large scale radio structures.- Triple radio structure in the "double-nucleus" galaxy Markarian 266.- VLA observation of the M87 jet and small scale jet structures.- Extended optical line emission in powerful radio galaxies.- The interaction of radio jets with the narrow line region in Seyfert galaxies.- Optical continuum shapes of extragalactic radio jets.- The interaction of relativistic jets in AGNs with the ambient radiation field.- A circuit analogy for active galactic nuclei.- A model for quasi-one-dimensional narrow jets.- Two-and-one-half dimensional models of radio jets.- Linear size versus redshift and linear size versus power for extended extragalactic radio sources.- Evolution of radio jets in galactic halos and the intergalactic medium.- AGNS in clusters of galaxies and the bootes void.- Space distribution and luminosity function of quasars.- A preliminary examination of redshift and luminosity characteristics for APM survey quasars.- The evolution of active galactic nuclei: A multi-mass model.- Evolution of low luminosity quasars.- Evolutionary sequence of Seyfert galaxies.- Multiple QSO images with arcminute splittings.- Relativistic beaming, luminosity functions, and cosmology.

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Active Galactic Nuclei: Proceedings of a Conference Held at the Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia October 28-30, 1987 by H. Richard Miller
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