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Vocabulary Power 2 By LEBEDEV & DINGLE

Vocabulary Power 2 by LEBEDEV & DINGLE

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Vocabulary Power 2 Summary

Vocabulary Power 2: Practicing Essential Words by LEBEDEV & DINGLE

Acquiring a strong vocabulary doesn't have to be difficult. Vocabulary Power uses the latest research on memory to make this process simple, effective, and enjoyable. A three-book series, Vocabulary Power: teaches the most important words from the General Service List (500 words) and Academic Word List (400 words) presents each word in eight different contexts to help students learn and remember the word easily encourages students to apply the words to their own lives, making vocabulary more relevant and useful can be used in class or as a self-study text Each Vocabulary Power book features: 300 new words -- 10 per chapter high-interest readings adapted from articles on a variety of up-to-date topics exercises on word families, multiple meanings, collocations, and expressions that expand students' knowledge of the words engaging discussion questions and writing topics that elicit natural use of the words quizzes to check students' progress and minimize teacher prep time Word Builder exercises and charts in the Appendix to help students focus on the meaning and use of word parts The Vocabulary Power series includes Vocabulary Power 1 (Low Intermediate), Vocabulary Power 2 (Intermediate), and Vocabulary Power 3 (Advanced).

Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1 Key Words: analyze, assist, construct, debt, distribute, intend, master, reflect, rival, witness Readings: Personal Finance for Teenagers CHAPTER 2 Key Words: available, concentrate, consultant, data, edit, issue, obvious, stiff, term, trial Readings: Putting a Stop to Teenage Hacking Crimes CHAPTER 3 Key Words: accurate, classic, critic, encourage, exhibit, firm, label, prejudice, process, tempt Readings: Salsa Music Energizes Japan QUIZ 1 Key Words from Chapters 1-3 CHAPTER 4 Key Words: benefit, contrast, convenience, insure, lessen, locate, logic, rate, require, scale Readings: Setting Up Operations in Sunny Spain CHAPTER 5 Key Words: attitude, contribute, establish, fade, identify, pressure, quote, reputation, spare, wander Readings: Family Dinners: A Surprising Anti-drug CHAPTER 6 Key Words: appoint, astonish, calculate, challenge, concept, drag, extend, extreme, mere, passage Readings: Space Elevator QUIZ 2 Key Words from Chapters 4-6 CHAPTER 7 Key Words: aim, approach, current, custom, generation, influence, moral, preserve, regard, style Readings: Professor and Students Help Ancient Culture Live On CHAPTER 8 Key Words: broad, comment, effective, focus, goal, mercy, neglect, otherwise, scene, tear Readings: The Photography of Edward Burtynsky CHAPTER 9 Key Words: accuse, authority, bribe, brief, graceful, immense, involve, root, seek, visible Readings: How Common Is Bribery around the World? QUIZ 3 Key Words from Chapters 7-9 CHAPTER 10 Key Words: affect, crush, declare, export, instant, precious, publish, scatter, severe, wound Readings: Saving the Amazon CHAPTER 11 Key Words: acquire, bitter, consume, dare, discipline, humble, inspect, participate, remedy, yield Readings: Healing Art for Children in Hospitals CHAPTER 12 Key Words: alternative, boast, boundary, community, liberty, media, network, tradition, variety, weave Readings: Rocketboom: A Model for Video Blogs QUIZ 4 Key Words from Chapters 10-12 CHAPTER 13 Key Words: assume, bar, conscience, deceive, display, omit, qualify, solemn, thorough, volume Readings: The Model Who Became a Monk CHAPTER 14 Key Words: deserve, elect, ensure, essential, lack, manage, method, purchase, task, unite Readings: Home Schooling CHAPTER 15 Key Words: coarse, colony, dust, empire, march, psychology, rejoice, revenge, tremble, valley Readings: How Skiing Changed Norwegian History QUIZ 5 Key Words from Chapters 13-15 CHAPTER 16 Key Words: absence, associate, bend, drama, limb, oppose, positive, propose, slight, struggle Readings: Sumo Is Spreading Around the World CHAPTER 17 Key Words: behave, excessive, expert, fierce, investigate, joint, migrate, outcome, roar, track Readings: Students Get Polar Bear Cyber Visit CHAPTER 18 Key Words: consist, defi ne, exclude, formula, govern, imitate, license, nest, poverty, tend Reading: Living Long, Living Well QUIZ 6 Key Words from Chapters 16-18 CHAPTER 19 Key Words: administration, claim, credit, earnest, heap, key, option, restrict, sacrifice, strike Readings: How Hurricanes Changed History CHAPTER 20 Key Words: aid, basis, caution, conscious, culture, deed, distinguish, idle, profit, worth Readings: Traveling Abroad with a Purpose CHAPTER 21 Key Words: agriculture, fate, mend, occur, quantity, region, relate, rid, stem, urge Readings: Diversity Protects the Health of the World QUIZ 7 Key Words from Chapters 19-21 CHAPTER 22 Key Words: burst, commerce, creep, descend, harbor, major, odd, prompt, roast, suspect Readings: New Zealand: On and Off Camera CHAPTER 23 Key Words: achieve, constant, corporation, latter, nuisance, pale, represent, sting, sweat, wreck Readings: iPods Not Helping Music Sales CHAPTER 24 Key Words: bear, delicate, individual, legal, offend, previous, prohibit, pronounce, reasonable, seize Readings: Working Without an Accent QUIZ 8 Key Words from Chapters 22-24 CHAPTER 25 Key Words: branch, coward, district, guarantee, justice, kneel, merchant, punctual, temper, vain Readings: Exploring Ancient Inca Trails CHAPTER 26 Key Words: accord, desert, efficient, gap, income, injure, resign, scarce, stock, survey Readings: Government Help for Parents CHAPTER 27 Key Words: assign, awkward, decay, gender, lean, peculiar, pump, seed, shield, swear Readings: Native Americans Choose New Habits to Fight Diabetes QUIZ 9 Key Words from Chapters 25-27 CHAPTER 28 Key Words: decade, fault, feature, judge, labor, pack, rank, respond, swell, tender Readings: Film Review: Coppola's The Outsiders CHAPTER 29 Key Words: debate, draft, glory, hollow, ink, mental, refer, scold, soul, virtue Readings: How Do You Picture The Life of Pi? CHAPTER 30 Key Words: ambition, character, conquer, despair, image, minimum, pinch, pride, scorn, series Readings: Cooking with Rachel Ray QUIZ 10 Key Words from Chapters 28-30 APPENDIX: Understanding Word Parts WORD INDEX

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Vocabulary Power 2: Practicing Essential Words by LEBEDEV & DINGLE
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