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Essential Grammar in Use With Answers and CD-ROM By Raymond Murphy

Essential Grammar in Use With Answers and CD-ROM by Raymond Murphy

Condition - Very Good
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Essential Grammar in Use bonus extra CD-ROM contains interactive grammar exercises to accompany the book.

Essential Grammar in Use With Answers and CD-ROM Summary

Essential Grammar in Use With Answers and CD-ROM: A Self-Study Reference and Practice Book for Elementary Students of English by Raymond Murphy

Essential Grammar in Use is available with a promotional bonus extra CD-ROM. The CD-ROM contains: * over 150 interactive grammar questions * instant scoring and feedback * electronic study guides for students to check their level * printable grammar reference pullout panels * introduction to the range of Cambridge Learner's Dictionaries

Essential Grammar in Use With Answers and CD-ROM Reviews

'Essential Grammar in Use is highly recommendable for the use of self-study or as supplementary course material because of its clarity, conciseness, illustrative examples, convenient arrangement, and outstanding lay-out.' VVLE Newsletter, Belgium, 1997
'Never heard of Murphy? Well, then it is high time you rush to the nearest book shop and buy it. It is still the best grammar book and has been so for the last 12 years ... The explanations always one page of any grammar item are clear and illustrated not only with good examples but also motivating pictures. On the page facing these explanations you are offered a good selection of exercises. They are easy to understand and also illustrated with pictures.' 'If you feel your students need and also want more of them, there is the volume with the Supplementary Exercises. This means no work for you, you do not have to make up your own examples it is all there.' ETAS, Switzerland, 1997

Table of Contents

To the student; To the teacher; Thanks; 1 am/is/are; 2 am/is/are (questions); 3 I am doing (present continuous); 4 are you doing? (present continuous); 5 I do / work / like etc. (present simple); 6 I don't ... (present simple negative); 7 Do you ...? (present simple questions); 8 I am doing and I do (present continuous and present simple); 9 I have ... / I've got ...; 10 was / were; 11 worked / got / went etc. (past simple); 12 I didn't ... Did you ...? (past simple negative and questions); 13 I was doing (past continuous); 14 I was doing (past continuous) and I did (past simple); 15 I have done (present perfect 1); 16 I've just ... I've already ... I haven't ... yet (present perfect 2); 17 Have you ever ...? (present perfect 3); 18 How long have you ...? (present perfect 4); 19 for since ago; 20 I have done (present perfect) and I did (past simple); 21 is done / was done (passive 1); 22 is being done / has been done (passive 2); 23 be/have/do in present and past tenses; 24 regular and irregular verbs; 25 I used to ...; 26 What are you doing tomorrow?; 27 I'm going to ...; 28 will/shall (1); 29 will/shall (2); 30 might; 31 can and could; 32 must mustn't needn't; 33 should; 34 I have to ...; 35 Would you like ...? I'd like ...; 36 there is there are; 37 there was/were there has/have been there will be; 38 it ...; 39 I am / I don't etc.; 40 Have you? Are you? Don't you? etc.; 41 too/either so am I / neither do I etc.; 42 isn't / haven't / don't etc. (negatives); 43 is it ...? have you ...? do they ...? etc. (questions 1); 44 Who saw you? Who did you see? (questions 2); 45 Who is she talking to? What is it like? (questions 3); 46 What ...? Which ...? How ...?; 47 How long does it take ...?; 48 Do you know where ...? I don't know what ... etc.; 49 She said that ... / He told me that ...; 50 work/working go/going do/doing; 51 to ... (I want to do) and -ing (I enjoy doing); 52 I want you to ... / I told you to ...; 53 I went to the shop to ...; 54 go to ... / go on ... / go for ... / go -ing; 55 get; 56 do and make; 57 have; 58 I/me he/him they/them etc.; 59 my/his/their etc.; 60 Whose is this? It's mine/yours/hers etc.; 61 I/me/my/mine; 62 myself/yourself/themselves etc; 63 -'s (Ann's camera / my brother's car) etc.; 64 a/an ... 65 flower(s) bus(es) (singular and plural); 66 a car / some money (countable/uncountable 1); 67 a car / some money (countable/uncountable 2); 68 a/an and the; 69 the ...; 70 go to work / go home / go to the cinema; 71 I like music I hate exams; 72 the ... (names of places); 73 this/that/these/those; 74 one/ones; 75 some and any; 76 not + any no none; 77 not + anybody/anyone/anything nobody/no-one/nothing; 78 somebody/anything/nowhere etc.; 79 every and all; 80 all most some any no/none; 81 both either neither; 82 a lot much many; 83 (a) little (a) few; 84 old/nice/interesting etc. (adjectives); 85 quickly/badly/suddenly etc. (adverbs); 86 old/older expensive / more expensive; 87 older than ... more expensive than ...; 88 not as ... as; 89 the oldest the most expensive; 90 enough; 91 too; 92 He speaks English very well. (word order 1); 93 always/usually/often (word order 2); 94 still yet already; 95 Give me that book! Give it to me!; 96 at 8 o'clock on Monday in April; 97 from ... to until since for; 98 before after during while; 99 in at on (places 1); 100 in at on (places 2); 101 to in at (places 3); 102 under/behind/opposite etc. (prepositions); 103 up/over/through etc. (prepositions); 104 on at by with about (prepositions); 105 afraid of ... / good at ... etc. preposition + -ing (good at -ing etc.); 106 listen to ... / look at ... etc. (verb + preposition); 107 go in fall off run away etc. (phrasal verbs 1); 108 put on your shoes put your shoes on (phrasal verbs 2); 109 and but or so because; 110

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Essential Grammar in Use With Answers and CD-ROM: A Self-Study Reference and Practice Book for Elementary Students of English by Raymond Murphy
Used - Very Good
Cambridge University Press
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