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Beat Your Allergies By Rob Hicks

Beat Your Allergies

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Allergies affect thousands of people, and many suffer in silence when conventional methods fail to bring relief. This book presents 52 ideas to help sufferers find solutions to their allergy problems. With the help of these ideas and tips, you can reduce your exposure, relieve your symptoms and rid yourself of restrictions.

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Beat Your Allergies Summary

Beat Your Allergies: Find Relief, Feel Free by Rob Hicks

"For most people, allergies are incurable, but here are 52 ideas that help sufferers cope and avoid the sneezing, scratching, coughing, wheezing and other symptoms that accompany this annoying and sometimes life-threatening ailment. Whatever is getting under your skin - dust, nuts, mites, pollen - by reading and following the practical advice I offer here you're taking the first giant step to finding relief and feeling more free." Dr Rob Hicks. What it's about? Dr Rob Hicks, a practicing GP and media doctor, spends an increasing amount of his time with patients suffering from a variety of allergy-related ailments. He doesn't promise to be able to cure anyone, but he can help relieve the suffering. And all of his advice is eminently practical, from using honey as a natural cure for hay fever to taking up indoor naturism! Rob's book will enlighten, relieve and even amuse you! He reveals: How to truly understand allergies (or are they just intolerances); why getting naked may be just what the doctor ordered; why the vacuum should be one of your best friends; the power of oats in the morning; how acupuncture shouldn't be a sticking point; handy herbs and how to use them for relief; the wonderful effects of de-stressing oneself. With the "52 Brilliant Ideas" series readers can enhance their existing skills with negligible investment of time or money and will substantially improve their performance over the course of a year. Each of the 52 chapters tackles a single aspect of the subject in an entertaining and lively way. At the end of each chapter is a "how did it go" feature, which allows readers to reflect on the lesson in a classical experiential learning pattern. The tone of each book is personal and informal; readers will feel as thought they are having a one-to-one with their favourite coach.

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About Rob Hicks

Dr Rob Hicks has been a GP for over ten years and now works part-time in general practice and also as a hospital clinical assistant in sexual health medicine. He takes a holistic approach to healthcare, being a firm believer that prevention is better than cure. He is the Classic FM radio doctor and the Talk Sport radio doctor, and regularly appears on TV. He also writes for numerous newspapers, magazines, and internet sites. He is author of Control your blood pressure (1904902103) also in the 52 Brilliant Ideas series

Table of Contents

1. Going into overdrive You've heard the term allergy, because let's face it the word is everywhere. But do you know what it really is? Let's scratch the surface and rub away some of the myths. 2. All men are not equal Neither are all allergies equal, or indeed the same. Allergies come in different forms so here's a quickstep guide to the common culprits. 3. Intolerable cruelty Now don't take this personally but although you may think you have an allergy in reality you may just be intolerant. Take a bite of this to see why allergies get upset by intolerance. 4. Sticking up your nose A magnet for fingers the nose is also the entry point for many of the allergy troublemakers. Fool them into thinking they'll have a smooth passage and with this idea you'll soon have them trapped. 5. It's a wrap We all know that sunglasses protect the eyes from the sun and make us look cool but there's more to them than that. Check out the shades, as if you needed an excuse, and see what they can do for allergies. 6. And so to bed The bedroom is for relaxation, sleep, and sex so here's how to keep those sniffles and nasal obstructions at bay. 7. Household waste The bathroom isn't the only place where a load of dung is dumped. Other rooms are piled up with dung that maybe blocking up your systems. 8. Preserving pets They bring love, affection, and happiness into a home but for those with allergies giving pets the push may seem like the only solution. 9. Chemical attack Throughout the day potentially harmful substances threaten us. They have the power to inflame any situation so here's how to create your own peacekeeping force. 10. Nice big breaths A slip of the tongue can get you into deep water but these deep breaths can get you out of trouble. 11. A dose of sea air Donkey rides, buckets and spades, the smell of the ocean. We all feel better at the seaside. But you don't have to be anywhere near the sea to get the benefits. Here's how to reap the rewards no matter where you live. 12. Keep it local A spoonful of sugar may help the medicine go down but a spoonful of honey helps soothe all sorts of ailments too. Find out how supporting your community bees may help your allergies at the same time. 13. Ah, what a relief If your eyes are running, your skin is itching, or you can't stop sneezing then reach for something to ease the misery. There's a host of things to choose from so take a dip into your armoury. 14. Steroid Phobia Headlines are always appearing about how steroids did this, steroids did that, and in the tabloids steroids did the other too. Let's see how steroids can calm down even the most inflamed situations. 15. Let's get naked Indoor naturism may entertain your neighbours if you live in a glasshouse or forget to draw the curtains, but it can bring enormous amounts of pleasure for hayfever sufferers too. Here's how. 16. Do the shake and vac Here's why giving your home a good going over with the vacuum cleaner not only puts the freshness back, it evicts unwanted guests that trigger allergy symptoms too. 17. Water, water, everywhere It's good to keep the body hydrated throughout the day. But drinking it isn't the only way to help ease the symptoms of allergy. 18. What's your poison? Everyone thinks they have a food allergy these days but what's the truth behind this internal explosion. Here are the facts and fads of food allergy. 19. Anaphylaxis Not a Russian gymnast or a secret agent, it's a life-threatening condition. Working your way through this idea means you really could win yourself a life-saving gold medal whilst making someone's day. 20. Getting your oats They may be a great way to start the day but oats are not just for the cereal bowl. Grab yourself a handful and see how they have so much more to offer. 21. Getting creamed Moisturise, moisturise, and moisturise it some more. This is the key to keeping skin healthy. But what should you use and how can avoid ending up in a sticky mess. 22. Risky Business Pets, pollen, poisons, and poo. Let's take a look at the allergy triggers and how to be prepared if they come your way. 23. "Ou, that's gonna cost you" A suck in of breath sends the heart racing but you don't need to get a plumber and your chequebook to unblock your nose. Here are some ideas that are not to be sniffed at. 24. Bright eyes When your eyes are burning like fire you need something to soothe them quickly. Here are some ideas for you to keep in your sights. 25. A tissue, a tissue The world record for the longest sneezing bout is 978 days but this isn't a record you want to beat. Try this idea to stop the sneezes. 26. Rubber rising If the touch of rubber raises your hackles rather than your pulse or anywhere else for that matter, here's an idea to rub away the problem. 27. Sticking the needle in A little prick with a needle, is what the doctor said. Then came another, and another. How acupuncture can help to overcome the problems of allergy. 28. Activity Zone You may think that having an allergy gives you the perfect excuse for not exercising. Well I'm afraid you need to think again, because exercise may be just what the doctor ordered. 29. It's time to take 5 Relaxation benefits the mind and body so empty your mind and release the symptoms of allergy and be free ... 30. Let's Chill Elvis, the Fonz, that polar bear on the telly. These kings of cool knew how to keep things chilled. When allergy is in your neighbourhood you need to keep cool too. Here's how. 31. De-stress de stress Stress is all around upsetting the perfect balance of your life. It can tick-off your allergies so sit-back and relax, and make things easy with a little help from your friends. 32. Oh, that feels real good The sense of touch is a wonderful thing. Comforting, reassuring, arousing. Hey, less of that, please concentrate! It can also help with allergy symptoms too. 33. A handful of dirt This never did anyone any harm and in fact it can be good for you. You may have thought that the garden isn't the best place for you and your allergy but it may be just what the doctor ordered. 34. Picture this A brief look at a family photo brings a smile to your face. The thought of a delicious cream cake starts your juices flowing. Have a look at what visualisation can do for your allergies. 35. Summertime, and the living is easy Well it should be, but it isn't always. Clear blue skies, the warm sun, the traffic congestion, and the air pollution. Need I say more? With this idea we're bringing the fun back into spring and summer. 36. Take a break A chance to relax and unwind is probably the best medicine. But what if as you settle back your peace and tranquillity is disturbed by coughs and sneezes. Good places for a holiday if you're an allergy sufferer. 37. Let's make a date Love may be all around on Valentine's Day but that's not all. Your calendar reminds you about important dates, and about your allergies too. 38. And now time for the weather Pollen counts can be a great help. Find out how to get the best from them and how there's more to the weather forecast than meets the eye. 39. Welcome to the future They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Your body may not be old, and you're not wagging your tail, so maybe it's not too late for you. Let the class begin. 40. You've lost that stuffy feeling - oh, oh, that stuffy feeling You'll be singing this once you've tried this idea. And you'll be singing it loud and clear too, not like the guy in the advert who wanted a "dicket do dottingham". 41. Less is more You don't want more allergy symptoms so if someone suggested giving you something that could cause allergy symptoms you'd laugh at them. Well, homeopaths think otherwise. 42. The mother of all remedies Handed down from generation to generation most natural remedies are not new, they're simply making a comeback. Take a look at what Mother Nature has to offer since mother always knows best. 43. Should it stay or should it go Excluding food from your diet may help you feel better about yourself but what should be kept out and what should be allowed in if you're to keep your symptoms at bay? Food elimination made easy. 44. 'ello Vera A wonderful plant that can help our body inside and out. Marvellous. What about allergies? Can Aloe Vera help these too? Put the kettle on and let's meet "our Vera". 45. Send it packing Smoking doesn't help your health or the health of those around you, and that includes allergies too. It's time to quit so here's how to make sure that it's not a case of no smoke without fire. 46. Keeping it out of the family Allergy may be in the genes but it doesn't have to be revealed. Take a look at how to reduce the chances of allergy materialising in your offspring. 47. That'll be fifty quid Stand on one leg, hold out your arms, and hum. There are better ways of testing for allergies that won't turn your hard-earned cash into a bag full of lotions and potions. 48. Be prepared Any allergies to medication? A question that doctors love to ask but can you fulfil your side of the bargain? It's time for you to complete the Cub Scout promise. 49. Eat your allergy away Let's see what's on special offer and what should be in your shopping trolley if you want to eat your allergy symptoms away? 50. Occupations Dangereux Plenty of things may be irritating you and your allergies at work. Your boss, the network, and of course the ever increasing workloads. Here's how to rub out those workplace irritants. 51. Dad's Daily Dose Everyone has their favourite remedy for treating common ailments. Here's some that have been passed down through my family. 52. Go on, you've earned it Taking time out to enjoy yourself can help to keep allergy symptoms at bay. Don't be shy, reward yourself. A little bit of what you fancy does you good after all.

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