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Demanding More By Sheree Atcheson

Demanding More by Sheree Atcheson

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Be the change and learn how privilege, unchecked and unconscious biases and allyship are the key to making diversity and inclusion a reality.

Demanding More Summary

Demanding More: Why Diversity and Inclusion Don't Happen and What You Can Do About It by Sheree Atcheson

Look around you. Is your workplace as diverse and accepting as it should be? From accusations of racism in high political office, award-winning actors admitting the sets they work on aren't inclusive, to everyday occurrences of sexism, ageism, racism and more, we are far from where we need to be. Demanding More is THE diversity and inclusion book you need to read. Moving beyond HR speak, this book clearly explains what diversity and inclusion are and what it means in the everyday experience of millions of people, both at work and in life. Sheree Atcheson, Global Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Peakon and ex Monzo, draws on her experience as a young woman of colour in an overly white male tech environment; she lives and breathes the issues she writes about. In Demanding More, she calls out the lack of awareness around privilege, unchecked and unconscious biases and details what intersectionality does to feelings of discrimination and disadvantage. Arguing that the best strategy for us all to adopt is allyship, where we all take ownership of the issues and stand up to bias or discrimination, this book will give us all tools and strategies to action every day, making us accountable to delivering change around us.

Demanding More Reviews

Many in the dominant majority have a hard time understanding how their privilege shows up in the workplace. In Demanding More, Sheree Atcheson has done a great job of peeling back the layers and offering tangible solutions to make the workplace more equitable. * Minda Harts, Consultant and New York Times Bestselling Author of The Memo *
Demanding More is a great read for anyone interested in understanding how to create true inclusion and dismantle the barriers faced by many. The book tackles key topics including privilege, intersectionality and how to be an ally, all of which are critical to understand in order to make real progress. Sheree Atcheson brings together great examples and experiences that captivate you to want to read more and more. * Asif Sadiq MBE, Vice President, Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion, adidas *
Demanding More is the result of almost a decade of impactful work and rework carried out by Sheree Atcheson. It is necessary reading for anyone who is alive in the 21st century and working or considering working. Even more so as we continue to develop what will be the future of work. Deep theory very quickly turns to tangible actions for everyone to perform and become better at, with the result of a fairer society and better realization of human potential. I'm so thankful Sheree Atcheson has put this together. I'll certainly be making it mandatory reading at organizations I work with. * Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon MBE, Founder, Stemettes, Host, Women Tech Charge podcast, and Trustee, Institute for the Future of Work *
Diversity has rapidly become an issue that no company, organization or person can ignore, with expectations and demands to go beyond performative and shallow commitments. In Demanding More, Sheree Atcheson explains clearly what diversity and inclusion are and why they matter and offers concrete ways to achieve change in workplaces and beyond. It's an excellent book for anyone who is committed to genuinely move towards a more diverse society. * Beatrice Fihn, Executive Director, International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, Nobel Peace Prize 2017 *
If you read one book on diversity and inclusion this year, Demanding More is the one. Sheree Atcheson has lived, breathed and worn the D&I t-shirt for many years, and her insights into why we're still falling short are invaluable. This book will have you take a deeper look at yourself, your privilege and your potential to be a greater ally and leader. Go read it now! * Ann O'Dea, CEO and Co-founder, Silicon Republic, and Curator, Future Human *
Sheree Atcheson brings her rich personal and professional life, both lived and experienced, using the many frictions in the journey of a young professional woman of colour to bear on one of the most vexing global issues of today: exclusion and racial injustice. In Demanding More, a timely and urgent call to action, Atcheson makes a compelling case on moving diversity and inclusion from a 'nice to have' and strive-towards target, to a must-have imperative and achievable goal, while showing how to translate good intent and words into meaningful action and lasting change. * Raju Narisetti, Founder, Mint (, and former Managing Editor, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal *
Being an ally is a journey, and Sheree Atcheson's powerful new book is the perfect accompaniment. In Demanding More, you'll be inspired by Atcheson and her extensive interviews with leaders to take stock of your privilege and use it for good. * Karen Catlin, author of Better Allies *
A thought-provoking, incredibly well-researched and comprehensive overview of how diversity, equity and inclusion manifest in society - and particularly the workplace - today. Demanding More offers both clear explanations of complicated issues as well as practical advice on what can be done to drive change. A powerful guide for those starting out as well as for those more experienced in the space. * Amali de Alwis, MD, Microsoft for Startups UK, and former CEO, Code First: Girls *
At a time when all leaders should be doing more to embrace and accelerate change in the workplace, Demanding More is a highly recommended read! It is a helpful resource that will inspire you to have those all-important difficult conversations that we all need to have in order to combat inequality and make the world a better place. Sheree Atcheson takes us on a transparent personal and professional journey, drawing on some great examples, practical exercises and recommendations from a range of progressive leaders. This book not only highlights some of the systemic reasons for inequalities in society but offers a road map for how we can demand actionable change from leaders and build more equitable workplaces. * Priscilla Baffour, Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Financial Times *
Demanding More is THE diversity and inclusion book we all need right now. It paints a very clear picture of the structural bias we see every day, with new and interesting meaningful ways to change the trajectory we are currently on. We need to have more personal accountability to lead to systemic and long-term change and this book helps with just that. I would recommend it to anyone, at any stage of their career, who wants to understand more about why we're at where we are and how to get us to a better place. * Deepa Purushothaman, Leader in Practice, Women and Public Policy Program, Harvard Kennedy School *
Whether you are new to the concepts of diversity, inclusion and belonging or have worked with them for years, Demanding More is an invaluable resource for understanding both the theory and practical steps we can all take to change not just our workplace, but ourselves. Sheree Atcheson helps us consider inclusion in its fullest sense and how to become allies, whatever our role or status. Her discussions on privilege and intersectionality are amongst the best I've seen. Each chapter is clear and insightful about the problems but then moves to solutions and gives the reader practical steps to effect change. This is a book that brings together history, theory, practicality and deeply human voices to give us a road map to demand more of our managers, our leaders and, most importantly, ourselves. Highly recommended. * Debbie Forster MBE, CEO, Tech Talent Charter *
Demanding More covers the fundamentals with absolute clarity and straightforwardness. The combination of history, data, personal perspective and fascinating interviews with leaders makes this an utterly compelling piece of writing. If you are a leader, or an aspiring leader, who wants to understand more and do better, read this book and go away equipped with meaningful insights and practical guidance, galvanized to do more. * Ruth Yarnit, CEO, LeadDev *
Sheree Atcheson's book couldn't have come at a better time, as everyone is struggling not only to understand the issues around inclusion and diversity but also to move beyond words to the actions that drive long-term sustainable change. It is written in a style that is easy to read and relate to and will provide valuable insights for leaders, practitioners and individuals. I'm adding it to my recommended reading list! * Brenda Trenowden CBE, former Global Chair, 30% Club, and PwC Lead Partner, I&D Consulting *
Sheree Atcheson has leveraged her years of work as a practitioner for transformation by writing this manuscript that speaks 'truth to power' in Demanding More. We are all faced with the fierce urgency of now, and Demanding More is a blueprint that every leader who truly aspires to be more inclusive should have and apply. Every organization that really wants to move the needle of equity should make reading Demanding More a leadership development requirement. This is so powerful because it takes the real workplace challenges of intersectionality, privilege, authentic allyship and inclusion and meets the reader at the juncture of theory and application, so you walk away not only inspired, but also ready for implementation. I would recommend this book for anyone and everyone who feels a calling to make a difference and be a part of the solution. * Dr Johne Battle, Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion, Dollar General *
Sheree Atcheson has called on her hard-won experience as a woman of colour in the tech industry to craft an urgently relevant debut book that makes the case for why everyone should - and must - demand more from our leaders. Demanding More's impressive range applies a personal and systemic lens to everything from equity and intersectionality, to privilege and authentic allyship. Readers from all fields will find insight in powerful real-world stories, all filtered through Sheree Atcheson's refreshing voice as a promising author. * Jennifer Brown, Founder and CEO, Jennifer Brown Consulting, and author of How to be an Inclusive Leader *
Demanding More is exactly what we need right now as a collective society. We must move past awareness, with less talk and more action. Sheree Atcheson's book does just that through providing real-world, data-driven, meaningful insights to educate us all on why we're in the position we are right now and what we can do singularly and collectively to push for real, sustainable, meaningful change. This book is relevant to absolutely anyone who wants to leave the world better than they found it. Don't miss this one! * Deanna Singh, Chief Change Agent, Flying Elephant, Founder, Uplifting Impact, and author of Purposeful Hustle *
Demanding More is exactly what we need. Sheree Atcheson does not shy away from a difficult subject and makes it clear that people need to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. Atcheson is brave, courageous and unapologetic! I could not be more excited for people to read and feel inspired to put her words into practice. * Michelle Grover, Chief Information Officer, Twilio, and former Senior Vice President of Engineering, Concur/SAP *

About Sheree Atcheson

Sheree Atcheson is Global Director of Diversity and Inclusion at global business transformation agency Valtech. As an award-winning leader, she works across regions and industries providing thought-provoking, boundary-breaking leadership training to business executives to develop data-driven diversity and inclusion strategies. As an advocate for diversity in tech, she is a Board Member at Women Who Code, speaks at many global conferences and leadership sessions and is regularly profiled for her work. She has featured or written for publications like Forbes, Fast Company, the Evening Standard, HuffPost, Marie Claire, Wired, the Guardian and the Sunday Telegraph.

Table of Contents

  • Section - 01: Sheree's story;
  • Section - 02: Why diversity and inclusion aren't there yet;
  • Section - 03: Privilege - The haves and the have nots;
  • Section - 04: Intersectionality - Peeling the onion of differences;
  • Section - 05: Check yourself - Unchecked and unconscious biases;
  • Section - 06: Stand up - Being an ally;
  • Section - 07: Demanding more from our leaders;
  • Section - 08: Planning for more;
  • Section - 09: Conclusion;
  • Section - 10: Index

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Demanding More: Why Diversity and Inclusion Don't Happen and What You Can Do About It by Sheree Atcheson
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