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About World of Books

Our Story

World of Books is a Sussex based company that sells quality used books at competitive prices to millions of customers worldwide each year.

We love a good read and can relate to the excitement of a new page-turner or the familiar joy of an old favourite. World of Books was established by a group of dedicated book lovers, and over the past 10 years we have grown our shelves from 1,000 books to over 3 million in stock - so you can browse through hundreds of thousands of titles today.

Our company was founded on an ethos to do good, to help charities and to make a positive impact. We don’t believe that books should only be read once, or have a single owner. We want to share the love of literature by rereading and reusing books. This is why our prices are low and delivery is free - to help millions of used books find new homes in over 190 countries every year.

Our Purpose

We are a circular economy, for profit business that supports charities and protects the planet by enabling more goods to be reused.


To be the leading seller of used books globally, while helping people to reuse and recycle for less through innovation and technology.



We work responsibly, value each other and treat the planet with respect.


We take actions that improve our business for customers, colleagues, partners and shareholders.


We find new ways to better ourselves, lower our costs and grow our business.

Sustainable Development Goals

Our values are aligned to those of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We have identified four goals where we make the most significant contribution through our activities and strategy.

U.N. Sustainable Development Goal 4: Quality Education

We promote literacy by making books more affordable and through book donations in the UK and globally.
Read more about Book Donations.

U.N. Sustainable Development Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production.

We promote use and reuse of goods, reducing need for the production of new goods and promoting responsible consumption.
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U.N. Sustainable Development Goal 13: Climate Action

Reusing items means less carbon. We take action in other areas to reduce the carbon intensity of our business.
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