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Outlines of Entomology By A. D. Imms

Outlines of Entomology
by A. D. Imms

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Thus, in addition to innumerable lesser changes in the sections on insect structure, function, development, classification and phylogeny, I have completely recast the earlier chapter on some important modes of life in insects.
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Outlines of Entomology Summary

Outlines of Entomology by A. D. Imms

The present edition may be regarded as a descendant, much changed and greatly enlarged, of the late Dr A. D. Imms' Outlines of Entomology, first published in 1942. This went through three further editions without much change, but after the death of the original author a fifth, revised edition by Professor O. W. Richards and myself appeared in 1959 and a sixth in 1978. The book now appears in a considerably extended version in which I have tried to provide a more balanced introduction to the whole field of modern entomology by dealing with several aspects of the subject not discussed at all in previous editions. Thus, in addition to innumerable lesser changes in the sections on insect structure, function, development, classification and phylogeny, I have completely recast the earlier chapter on some important modes of life in insects. This now includes a far wider range of biological topics well exemplified by the insects and should, I hope, appeal not only to those already dedicated to entomology but also to others with more general biological interests. A completely new chapter on the biology of insect populations has also been added and may serve to indicate the debt which modern ecological theory owes to work on insect populations. It should hardly be necessary to apologize for introducing a certain amount of elementary mathematics into this account of a subject which is now among the most highly quantitative of biological disciplines.

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Outlines of Entomology Reviews

`This edition ... includes several subjects not covered in ... previous editions ... also, has more illustrations and a larger bibliography ... The book should not only be of interest to anyone interested in insects and their control, but to biologists in general.'
Biological Abstracts

Table of Contents

1 Introduction.- 2 Insect structure and function.- The integument and its derivatives; coloration.- Segmentation and body regions.- The head and its appendages.- The thorax, legs and wings.- The abdomen and genitalia.- The muscular system.- The nervous system.- The sense organs and perception.- Alimentary canal, digestion and nutrition.- The respiratory system.- The circulatory system and associated tissues.- The excretory organs, fat-body and other haemocoelic structures.- The glands or organs of secretion.- The reproductive system and reproduction.- 3 Development and metamorphosis.- Embryonic development.- Post-embryonic development.- 4 Classification and biology.- Order 1. Diplura.- Order 2. Protura.- Order 3. Collembola.- Order 4. Archaeognatha.- Order 5. Zygentoma.- Order 6. Ephemeroptera.- Order 7. Odonata.- Order 8. Plecoptera.- Order 9. Grylloblattodea.- Order 10. Orthoptera.- Order 11. Phasmida.- Order 12. Dermaptera.- Order 13. Embioptera.- Order 14. Dictyoptera.- Order 15. Isoptera.- Order 16. Zoraptera.- Order 17. Psocoptera.- Order 18. Phthiraptera.- Order 19. Hemiptera.- Order 20. Thysanoptera.- Order 21. Neuroptera.- Order 22. Coleoptera.- Order 23. Strepsiptera.- Order 24. Mecoptera.- Order 25. Siphonaptera.- Order 26. Diptera.- Order 27. Lepidoptera.- Order 28. Trichoptera.- Order 29. Hymenoptera.- 5 Evolutionary relationships of insects.- Insects and other Arthropods.- The ancestry of insects.- Apterygote relationships.- Phylogeny of the Pterygota.- 6 Some important modes of life in insects.- Relationships between insects and plants.- Leaf-mining insects.- Insects and plant galls.- Insects and the pollination of flowers.- Insectivorous plants.- Insects and micro-organisms.- Predacious insects.- Insect parasitoids.- Ectoparasitic insects.- Blood-sucking insects.- Aquatic insects.- Protective coloration and mimicry.- Social insects.- 7 The biology of insect populations.- Estimation of insect population size.- Models of insect population growth.- Population fluctuations.- Life tables.- Key factor analysis.- Regulation of population size; density-dependent processes.- Competition.- Competitive exclusion; resource partitioning; the ecological niche.- Host-parasitoid and predator-prey relationships.- Food webs and the trophic structure of communities.- Diversity, stability and succession in insect communities.- Genetic variation in insect populations.- 8 Biology and control of injurious insects.- Insect pests of cultivated plants.- Insect pests of forestry, timber and stored products.- Insects of medical and veterinary importance.- Insecticidal control.- Biological control methods.- 9 Select classified bibliography.

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Outlines of Entomology by A. D. Imms
A. D. Imms
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