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Charles Holcombe (Webster, MN) has a high-tech computer background in the nuclear and aerospace fields and has spent 15 years at Control Data Corporation as a programmer, a customer sales analyst, a salesman, and a sales manager in their field marketing force. After moving to Control Data Corporate Headquarters he headed a customer executive training program, spent several years as a trainer and as head of Sales Training worldwide. He has been an independent trainer and consultant for the past 22 years. During this time he has authored and delivered many training courses. Charles is a skilled writer and editor and is used to creating complex written materials. Jane Holcombe (Webster, MN), A+ MCSE, CAN, is a pioneer in the field of PC training. She co-founded Valley Micro Associates, a predecessor to MindSharp, a Minneapolis, MN CTEC, and has trained technical support personnel nationally for more than 17 years. Jane has developed numerous technical training courses, including one of the earliest PC operating system and hardware courses for support people. She is a Past President of the Twin Cities PC User Group and she has made technical presentations and led general sessions at both local and national conferences.
Certification Press A+ Lab Manual By Charles Holcombe
Certification Press A+ Lab Manualby Charles Holcombe
Very Good