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The Ultimate Dinosaur Encyclopedia By Chris Barker

The Ultimate Dinosaur Encyclopedia by Chris Barker

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Using CGI models and paleoart, the whole world of dinosaurs has been created. Includes a free app.

The Ultimate Dinosaur Encyclopedia Summary

The Ultimate Dinosaur Encyclopedia by Chris Barker

You've never seen a dinosaur book like this before! The Ultimate Dinosaur Encyclopedia is a whole new type of encyclopedia, developed in conjunction with cutting-edge 3D-art and science. Using groundbreaking recent research, palaeontologist Chris Barker recreates the world of prehistoric giants with photorealistic images more lifelike than any you've seen before.

Use the free AR app to view the pages, and you'll see dinosaurs spring into life with stunning 3D. As well as learning about their appearance and behaviours, the app lets you see them as breathtaking life-size models. Selected pages even have video clips that seem to play right on the page. Short of hopping in a time machine, it's the best way to get close to these amazing animals.

The book explores every era of prehistoric life, beginning with the origins of life in the world's oceans, moving to the first land-based vertebrates, and on to the reign of the dinosaurs and beyond. Based on only the most modern and authentic science, some familiar dinosaurs take on a whole new appearance. See these majestic creatures in their natural habitat, understand their parallels with modern animals, and learn everything about how they moved, ate, fought and hunted.

About Chris Barker

Chris Barker is a palaeontologist, holding a BSc and MRes in Palaeobiology and Vertebrate Palaeontology. He has contributed to several children's dinosaur reference books across multiple publishers.

Table of Contents

Early Life: First Tetrapods; Stethacancthus; Eurypterids.
First Vertebrates.
Triassic: Gorgonopsia; Dimetrodon; Lystrosaurus; Hylonomus; Prionosuchus; Timeline; Eoraptor; Plateosaurus; Herrerasaurus; What is a dinosaur?; Rise of the Dinosaurs; Pseudosuchians; Desmatosuchus; Postosuchus; Other Triassic Reptiles; Tanystropheus; Euparkeria; Marine Reptiles; Guanlong; Tianyulong; Scelidosaurus; Leedsichthys; Kulindadromeus; Dilophosaurus.
Jurassic: Marine Crocodylomorphs; Ichthyosaurs; Plesiosaurs; Ammonites; Diplodocus; Ceratosaurus; Stegosaurus; Pterosaurs; Allosaurus.
Cretaceous: Iguanodon; Archaeopteryx; Sarchosuchus; Amargasaurus; Spinosaurus; Carcharadontosaurus; Protoceratops; Borealopelta; Argentinosaurus; Pteranodon; Citipati; Parasaurolophus; Carnotaurus; Majungasaurus; Edmontosaurus; Pachycephalosaurus; Therizinosaurus; Ankylosaurus; Mosasaurs; Dakotaraptor; Triceratops; Quetzalcoatlus; Tyrannosaurus.
After the dinosaurs/Cenozoic: Titanoboa; Phorusrhaocos; Basilosaurus; Megalodon; Elasmotherium; Smilodon.

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The Ultimate Dinosaur Encyclopedia by Chris Barker
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