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Here at World of Books we have a dedicated team to cover the needs of bulk importers and wholesale books sellers throughout the world. We carry a substantial stock of popular fiction, classics and paperback literature. Our bulk deals can be categorized and offered as such because of their suitability for specialist booksellers, market traders, car-boot sale, period set decoration or expanding a personal collection.

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Buy Wholesale Books by the Container

Wholesale books are stored and transported in sturdy Pallet boxes that come in many sizes (sometimes measuring up to 48" x 40" x 36"). Every Pallet box is placed on a standard shipping pallet. Each Pallet box contains between 900 and 1600 books depending on the size and binding of the books. We will gladly recommend shipping companies which we have worked with in the past upon request and we accept all forms of payment. Wholesale books are shipped once payment has been received and cleared.


For all Wholesale Books enquiries please contact our Head of Sales, Lee Harmer.

Telephone: +44 (0)7841 869 324 Landline: +44 (0)1903 708 118 Email:

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Buy Rare Books in Bulk

For wholesale classic books at the lowest prices, you can always rely on World of Rare Books.

We stock thousands of pre-ISBN books, all of which are available for individual sale as well as larger bulk orders.

Whether you are looking for a particular style, author or publisher, we can help. Our wholesale rare books are often used by interior designers to add a flourish to their creations as well, or by Film & TV crews to add an authentic feel to their sets.

Here are just a selection of the wholesale collections currently available:

  • Generic Vintage Leatherbound Books in lots of 50
  • Generic Vintage Decorative Spine Books in lots of 50
  • Vintage Children's Annuals in lots of 50
  • Vintage Paperback Books in lots of 100
  • Vintage Charles Dickens Books in lots of 25
  • Vintage Penguin Books in lots of 100
  • Vintage Pelican Books in lots of 100
  • Vintage PAN Books in lots of 100
  • General pre-ISBN mixed pallet (800-1000 Books)

All of these wholesale rare books bundles are available with free UK delivery and can be packaged and sent within 48 hours of ordering.

Overseas customers should contact World of Rare books to discuss pricing and potential delivery times.

World of Rare Books are also happy to provide bespoke wholesale books collections, including larger quantities and different book types.

Please contact with your requirements and we will be more than happy to provide a quote and answer any questions you may have.