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Craig Zacker is a writer editor, and networker whose computing experience began in the halcyon days of teletypes and paper tape. After making the move from minicomputers to PCs, he worked as an administrator of Novel NetWare networks and as a PC support technician, while operating a freelance desktop publishing business. After earning a Masters degree in English and American literature from NYU, Craig worked extensively on the integration of Windows NT into existing NetWare internetworks, and was employed as a technical writer, content provider, and Webmaster for the online services group of a large software company. Since devoting himself to writing and editing full time, Craig has authored or contributed to many books on operating systems and networking topics, and has published articles with top industry publications including Windows NT Magazine, for which he is a contributing editor. John Rourke (Clearwater, FL) is a full time PC technician and trainer, running Allied Computer Services, Inc. He designs PC and LAN troubleshooting tools including the AlertCard Filesaver Diagnostic Card, POSTPlus System Boot Diagnostic Card, and the Discovery Card (named to Best 100 Diagnostic Products in 1995 by Windows Magazine). John trains as a contractor for Global Knowledge as well, teaching intro and advanced PC courses such as PC Upgrading and Troubleshooting (Intro and Advanced), DOS for Support Personnel, Advanced DOS Data Recovery, Memory Management For DOS and Windows, Introduction to Data Communications to name a few.
TCP/IP Administration By Craig Zacker
TCP/IP Administrationby Craig Zacker
Windows XP Pro By Craig Zacker
Windows XP Proby Craig Zacker
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