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Francois Cheng was born in 1929 in Shangdong Province, China. He moved to France in 1949 and was elected to the Academie Francaise in 2002. He is a translator, calligrapher, and essayist, best known for his essays on Chinese art and poetry, as well as a renowned poet. He is the author of several novels and The Way of Beauty, a companion volume to Five Meditations on Death. Jody Gladding is a poet and translator. She has published three full-length collections of poetry and translated nearly 30 books from French. Her awards and honors include MacDowell and Stegner Fellowships, a Whiting Writers' Award, and a Yale Younger Poets Prize. She lives in Vermont.
The Way of Beauty By Francois Cheng
The Way of Beautyby Francois Cheng
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Five Meditations on Death By Francois Cheng
Five Meditations on Deathby Francois Cheng
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The River Below By Francois Cheng
The River Belowby Francois Cheng
Very Good
Green Mountain, White Cloud By Francois Cheng
Green Mountain, White Cloudby Francois Cheng
Very Good
L'eternite n'est pas de trop By Francois Cheng
L'eternite n'est pas de tropby Francois Cheng
Very Good
Cinq Meditations Sur LA Beaute By Francois Cheng
Cinq Meditations Sur LA Beauteby Francois Cheng
Very Good
Le dit de Tian-yi By Francois Cheng
Le dit de Tian-yiby Francois Cheng
La vraie gloire est ici By Francois Cheng
La vraie gloire est iciby Francois Cheng
Very Good
Cinq méditations sur la beauté By François Cheng
Cinq méditations sur la beautéby François Cheng
Very Good
El diálogo By François Cheng
El diálogoby François Cheng
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