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Books by Mario F. Triola

Mario F. Triola is a Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at Dutchess Community College, where he has taught statistics for over 30 years. Marty is the author of Essentials of Statistics, Elementary Statistics Using Excel, Mathematics in the Modern World, andSurvey of Mathematics. He is a co(author of Statistical Reasoning for Everyday Life, Business Statistics, and Introduction to Technical Mathematics. He designed the original STATDISK statistical software package, and he has written several manuals and workbooks for technology supporting statistics education. Outside of the classroom, Marty's consulting work includes the mathematical design of casino slot machines and fishing rods, and he has worked with attorneys in determining probabilities in paternity lawsuits, identifying salary inequities based on gender, and analyzing disputed election results. Marty has testified as an expert witness in New York State Supreme Court for an election dispute involving a former student. Marty was a recent writing team member of the Project Coalition with NASA and the American Mathematics Association of Two(Year Colleges.

When he's not working, Marty enjoys travel, golf, tennis, running, hiking, and anything that flies. He has a commercial pilot's license with an instrument rating, and has flown airplanes, helicopters, sail planes, hang gliders, and hot air balloons. His passion for flying has included parachute jumps, flying in a Goodyear blimp, and parasailing.

The Text and Academic Authors Association has awarded Mario F. Triola a "Texty" for Excellence for his work on Elementary Statistics.

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