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Books by Maurizio Tabucchi

Maurizio Tabucchi was a student and expert in the restoration of vintage cars. A member of the 'Registro Italiano Alfa Romeo', he has served for years on its board of directors. He collaborated for many years with numerous car magazines. For Giorgio Nada Editore he has written Alfa Romeo Production cars 1910-1996 with Stefano D'Amico (1996) and its updated edition Alfa Romeo Production cars 1910-2007 (2007), Guide to the identification of Alfa Romeo cars (2000), Maserati The Grand Prix and GT Cars 1926-2003 (2003), Alfa Romeo GTA Leggera e vincente (2009), Alfa Romeo from 1910 to the present (updated in 2017). He died in 2015.
Guide to Identification of Alfa Romeo Cars By Maurizio Tabucchi
Guide to Identification of Alfa Romeo Carsby Maurizio Tabucchi
Very Good
Alfa Roméo de 1910 à 2010 By Maurizio Tabucchi
Alfa Roméo de 1910 à 2010by Maurizio Tabucchi
Very Good