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Books by Sylvia Barack Fishman

SYLVIA BARACK FISHMAN directs the program in Contemporary Jewish Life in the Near Eastern and Judaic Studies Department at Brandeis University, where she is a Professor. She is co-director of the Hadassah-Brandeis Institute. Her most recent book, Jewish Life and American Culture (2000) explored the way American Jews negotiate the Jewish and secular pieces of their lives. Her earlier books include A Breath of Life: Feminism in the American Jewish Community (1993), named a 1994 Honor Book by the National Jewish Book Council; Follow My Footprints: Changing Images of Women in American Jewish Fiction (1992); and Changing Minds: Feminism in Contemporary Orthodox Jewish Life (2000).
Way into Varieties of Jewishness By Sylvia Barack Fishman
Way into Varieties of Jewishnessby Sylvia Barack Fishman
Very Good
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Love, Marriage, and Jewish Families By Sylvia Barack Fishman
Love, Marriage, and Jewish Familiesby Sylvia Barack Fishman
Very Good
Jewish Life and American Culture By Sylvia Barack Fishman
Jewish Life and American Cultureby Sylvia Barack Fishman