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Introducing Web Design By Rob Young

Introducing Web Design by Rob Young

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Gives beginners to the subject an overview of web design, including the design concepts they need to consider and the technical aspect of putting graphics on the web. The book explains the major applications used within web design and shows how they can work together.

Introducing Web Design Summary

Introducing Web Design by Rob Young

Written by the author of the Internet Starter Kit (Rob Young), the Web Design Starter Kit will be structured in a similar way. It aims to be highly user-friendly and will give the reader a solid grounding in all aspects of modern web design, including the tools: HTML, JavaScript, Java and the issues to be addressed: site structure, promotion, e-commerce.

Table of Contents

Contents Acknowledgements x Introduction xi How Is This Book Organized? xii How Should I Use It? xiii Icons & Conventions xiii A Few Assumptions xv PART 1 Site Design With HTML 1 First Things First 3 What Is The World Wide Web? 4 How Does Hypertext Work? 6 HTML: The Language Of The Web 8 Web Design In A Nutshell 9 Ten Rules Of Web Design 11 Choose Your Weapons 13 Expand Your Browser Collection 14 Pick Your Web Design Software 16 WYSIWYG Editors 17 HTML Markup Editors 21 Text Converters 21 Do I Need Any Other Software? 23 What's The Big Idea? 24 A Simple Web Page 27 Get Organized! 28 Make A Template File 29 Add A Title, Heading & Text 31 Be Bold (Or Be Italic...) 34 A Few More Text-Formatting Tags 35 Adding Information With Attributes 37 Aligning Whole Paragraphs 39 The Easy Way to Centre 42 DIV: The Easy Way To Align 43 Lists, Links & Special Characters 45 He's Making A List... 46 Bulleted Lists 47 Numbered Lists 49 Definition Lists 51 Linking To Other Sites 52 Linking To Particular Pages Or Files 54 Linking to Non-Web Resources 55 Creating Email Links 55 Linking To Pages On Your Own Site 57 What Next? 60 Spaces & Word Breaks 60 Special Characters 61 Commenting HTML Code 62 Colours, Fonts & Rules 65 You Too Can Have A Like Mine! 66 Named Colours Or Hexadecimal Colours? 68 The RGB Colour Model 68 Converting RGB Colours To Hex 69 Adding A Background Image 71 Caching & The Images Directory 74 Set Up Your Font Options 74 Choosing Font Faces 76 The Tag - If You Want It! 77 Adding Fonts To The Index Page 78 Horizontal Rules (OK) 80 Animated Text With 82 Getting Graphic: Images & Buttons 85 Add Spice With An Image 86 Aligning Images 88 Creating Space Around Images 89 Get The Size Right! 91 Use Alternative Text 93 Button It! Images As Links 94 Border Or No Border? 96 Alternative Text Or No Alternative Text? 97 Tables, The Number One Layout Tool 99 The Obvious Table 100 Customizing The Table Tag 102 Table Design With Internet Explorer 104 And Back To Borders... 105 Rows: Just Containers For Cells 105 Cells: What Tables Are All About 106 Tables In The Real World 107 A Typical Data Table 108 Page Layout Using Tables 110 A More Advanced Page Layout 112 Frames & Windows 115 Working With Multiple Windows 116 Naming Frames & Windows 119 Setting A Default Target With 120 Why Use Frames At All? 122 Getting Started With Frames 124 Dividing The Window: The Controls 316 The Control 317 The
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