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Peoples of the Wild S. Books

Jungle Nomads of Ecuador By John Man
Jungle Nomads of Ecuadorby John Man
Very Good
Warriors of the White Nile By J. Ryle
Warriors of the White Nileby J. Ryle
Very Good
Guardians of North West Frontier By A. Singer
Guardians of North West Frontierby A. Singer
Very Good
Wayfarers of the Thai Forest By Frederic V. Grunfeld
Wayfarers of the Thai Forestby Frederic V. Grunfeld
Very Good
Hunters of the Polar North By Wally Herbert
Hunters of the Polar Northby Wally Herbert
Very Good
Cloud Dwellers of the Himalayas By Windsor Chorlton
Cloud Dwellers of the Himalayasby Windsor Chorlton
Very Good
Aborigines of the Amazon Rain Forest By R Hanbury-Tenison
Aborigines of the Amazon Rain Forestby R Hanbury-Tenison
Very Good
Masked Dancers of West Africa By Stephen Pern
Masked Dancers of West Africaby Stephen Pern
Very Good