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The Equal Skies By Norman MacCaig
The Equal Skiesby Norman MacCaig
Very Good
Out on a Limb By Michael Burn
Out on a Limbby Michael Burn
A World of Difference By Norman MacCaig
A World of Differenceby Norman MacCaig
Open Day and Night By Michael Burn
Open Day and Nightby Michael Burn
Shivering Seed By Peter Gruffydd
Shivering Seedby Peter Gruffydd
Very Good
Edward Thomas in Heaven By P. J. Kavanagh
Edward Thomas in Heavenby P. J. Kavanagh
North Bank Night By Edward Storey
North Bank Nightby Edward Storey
Very Good
Paradise Illustrated By D. J. Enright
Paradise Illustratedby D. J. Enright
Very Good
That Singing Mesh By Terence Tiller
That Singing Meshby Terence Tiller
Very Good
Our Living John By Patric Dickinson
Our Living Johnby Patric Dickinson
Very Good