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Orwell's Victory par Christopher Hitchens

Orwell's Victory Christopher Hitchens

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In the contemporary reapprasial of the 20th century's written legacy, which writers stagger on, which implode, which thrive? Christopher Hitchen's contention in this work is that above all it is Orwell among British writers who remains impressive, uncompromised and right.

Orwell's Victory Résumé

Orwell's Victory Christopher Hitchens

'Thomas Carlyle wrote of his CROMWELL that he had had to drag him out from under a mound of dead dogs and offal before being able to set him up as a figure worthy of biography. This is not a biography, but I sometimes feel as if George Orwell requires extricating from under a pile of saccharine tablets and moist hankies...' There can be few writers in the world today with a better claim to have inherited Orwell's role than Christopher Hitchens with his unique ability to spot bullshit and enrage those in power. WHY ORWELL MATTERS is a spectacularly written, aggressive, brilliant defence of one of the handful of modern writers whose view of the world has become if anything even more essential in the half century since his death.

À propos de Christopher Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens lives in Washington, DC. His most recent books are THE MISSIONARY POSITION: Mother Theresa in Theory and Practice; his attack on the Clintons NO ONE LEFT TO LIE TO: The Values of America's Worst Family and THE TRIAL OF HENRY KISSINGER.


Introduction - the figure; Orwell and empire; Orwell and the left; Orwell and the right; Orwell and America; Orwell and "Englishness" - the antinomies of St. George; Orwell and the feminists - difficulties with girls; "the list"; generosity and anger - the novels; deconstructing the post-modernists - Orwell and transparency; in conclusion.

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Orwell's Victory Christopher Hitchens
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