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Words On Words par David Crystal

Words On Words David Crystal

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A thematically structured dictionary of quotations relating to all aspects of language. Ranging from Wilde to Wordsworth and James Bond to Winnie-the-Pooh, 65 sections bring together wise, witty and whimsical insights from over the years.

Words On Words Résumé

Words On Words: Quotations About Language And Languages David Crystal

WORDS ON WORDS is a unique dictionary of quotations about language and languages from one of the UK's leading language experts. With its thematic structure relating to all aspects of language, this inspired collection is a delight for anyone with an interest in language.Authors range from Wilde to Wordsworth, Darwin to Dickens, James Bond to Dr Johnson, Plato to Winnie-the-Pooh.Robert McCrum: (Observer 4/6/00): 'a unique anthology that celebrates the raw material of any good poem, or, indeed, any prose passage of consequence.'The Good Book Guide: 'an engrossing compendium of quotations about language...the Crystals have... produced a joyful romp through a forest of quotations.'

À propos de David Crystal

David Crystal is a leading authority on the English Language. He is honorary Professor of Linguistics at University of Wales and the author of many books both for Penguin and CUP. Most recently for Penguin 'Language Play'. Hilary Crystal is a linguist and speech therapist. Jointly they edit the Cambridge Encyclopedia and Factfinder.They live in Holyhead, Anglesey.


Part 1 Language: the nature of language - the nature and functions of language; language in thinking and thought - thinking and reasoning in relation to speech and language; language myths and origins - the origins and early history of speech and language; body language - facial expressions, gestures, and other forms of non-verbal communication; meaning and sense - the nature of meaning, definition, sense and nonsense; words or deeds - the choice between talk and action, language and living; ever-changing language - continuity and change in language over time - loan words and neologisms; arguing about usage - issues of usage and correctness in language; the language of youth and age - child language, and the changes between youth and old age. Part 2 Languages: language diversity - the world's languages, language identity, endangerment, maintenance and death; languages observed - the supposed qualities of different languages; bilingualism and multilingualism - being proficient in more than one language; translating and interpreting - the task of translation and interpreting; teaching and learning - principles and practice of language teaching and learning; foreigner talk - impressions of foreign languages, speech by and to foreigners. Part 3 Analyzing language: exposing language - terms and techniques for analyzing language, linguistics and philology; speaking - the nature and functions of speech and speaking; pronunciation - speech sounds, vocal organs and the sound of the voice; listening - the nature and functions of listening and hearing; reading - the nature and functions of reading and books; writing - the nature and functions of writing, techniques of successful writing; learning to read and write - literacy, spelling and its reform, writing systems; grammar - grammar, grammars and points of grammatical usage; dictionaries - dictionaries and lexicographers. Part 4 Good and bad language: the nature of eloquence - oratory, eloquence, rhetoric and other forms of good or bad expression; the art of conversation - conversational topics and strategies; subject-matter - topics, knowledge, opinions and beliefs as expressed by language; language clear and unclear - obscurity, vagueness, imprecision, ambiguity and other issues of clarity; saying too much - verbosity, long-windedness and other forms of excessive speech or writing; saying just enough - brevity, taciturnity, conciseness, and other forms of economy in speech or writing; keeping quiet - the nature and functions of silence and pause; friendly language - words of comfort, love, apology, gentleness, praise and tact; the language of flattery - flattering, smooth, and insincere language; unfriendly language - speaking or writing sharply, sarcasm, ridicule, anger, insult and slander; quarrels and arguments - quarrelling, disputing, arguing, and debating; truth and lies - telling the truth, lying, secrets, vows and other promises. Part 5 Words: words, words, words - words in general, their natur

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Words On Words: Quotations About Language And Languages David Crystal
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