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Anthropocene Poetics par David Farrier

Anthropocene Poetics David Farrier

État - Comme neuf

Anthropocene Poetics Résumé

Anthropocene Poetics: Deep Time, Sacrifice Zones, and Extinction David Farrier

How poetry can help us think about and live in the Anthropocene by reframing our intimate relationship with geological time

The Anthropocene describes how humanity has radically intruded into deep time, the vast timescales that shape the Earth system and all life-forms that it supports. The challenge it poses-how to live in our present moment alongside deep pasts and futures-brings into sharp focus the importance of grasping the nature of our intimate relationship with geological time. In Anthropocene Poetics, David Farrier shows how contemporary poetry by Elizabeth Bishop, Seamus Heaney, Evelyn Reilly, and Christian Boek, among others, provides us with frameworks for thinking about this uncanny sense of time.

Looking at a diverse array of lyric and avant-garde poetry from three interrelated perspectives-the Anthropocene and the material turn in environmental philosophy; the Plantationocene and the role of global capitalism in environmental crisis; and the emergence of multispecies ethics and extinction studies-Farrier rethinks the environmental humanities from a literary critical perspective. Anthropocene Poetics puts a concern with deep time at the center, defining a new poetics for thinking through humanity's role as geological agents, the devastation caused by resource extraction, and the looming extinction crisis.

Anthropocene Poetics Avis

A beautiful textual exploration of Anthropocentric art, experiments, and other visual attempts to capture the vastness of time in terms humans can understand.-Philosophy in Review

Like a poem, Farrier creates an exquisite form within which ideas grow, point, echo, and develop to where the linear progression blossoms into a nonlinear realm of thought.-Humanimalia

Farrier advances poetry as a crucial tool for applying the generative imagination to the complex environmental crises of this unfolding era. Readers and scholars of contemporary ecopoetry will find Anthropocene Poetics both a useful guide to the work of challenging poetic experimentalists and an incisive treatise on poetry in our time.-ISLE

Anthropocene Poetics assembles a curious and thoughtful collection of poetic and artistic vignettes forcing us to reconsider what it means to be human in the Anthropocene.-Literary Research

À propos de David Farrier

David Farrier is senior lecturer in modern and contemporary literature at the University of Edinburgh. He is author of Unsettled Narratives: The Pacific Writings of Stevenson, Ellis, Melville, and London and Postcolonial Asylum: Seeking Sanctuary before the Law.


Introduction: Life Enfolded in Deep Time
1. Intimacy: The Poetics of Thick Time
2. Entangled: The Poetics of Sacrifice Zones
3. Swerve: The Poetics of Kin Making
Coda: Knots in Time

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Anthropocene Poetics: Deep Time, Sacrifice Zones, and Extinction David Farrier
Comme neuf
University of Minnesota Press
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