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An Introduction to Macroeconomics By Louis-Philippe Rochon

An Introduction to Macroeconomics by Louis-Philippe Rochon

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This important new book introduces students to the fundamental ideas of heterodox economics, presented in a clear and accessible way by top heterodox scholars.

An Introduction to Macroeconomics Summary

An Introduction to Macroeconomics: A Heterodox Approach to Economic Analysis by Louis-Philippe Rochon

This important new book introduces students to the fundamental ideas of heterodox economics, presented in a clear and accessible way by top heterodox scholars. It offers not only a critique of the dominant approach to economics, but also a positive and constructive alternative. Students interested in an explanation of the real world will find the heterodox approach not only satisfying, but ultimately better able to explain a money-using economy prone to periods of instability and crises. Key features of this textbook include: * A non-conventional understanding of economic analysis on a number of relevant topics * Deep and convincing criticism of orthodox thinking * Discussion of the crucial importance of money, banking and finance today * Analysis of the roots of the 2008 global financial crisis * A presentation of the features of sustainable development. Students of economics at all levels can use this textbook to deepen their understanding of the heterodox approach, the fundamental roots of the 2008 global financial crisis and the need to rethink economics afresh.

An Introduction to Macroeconomics Reviews

'At last, this book is what was missing in heterodox economics. A full encompassing textbook written by great minds with a sole purpose: to allow students to discover the absurdity of the orthodox textbooks and the strength of heterodox economics. Through all the chapters, at last true economics is revealed. Rochon and Rossi have done heterodoxy a great service. This amazing book must be used by all those who teach heterodox economics, to form a new generation of young scholars.' -- Alain Parguez, Universite de Franche-Comte, France
'In this era of the student movement "Rethinking Economics", very little rethinking has occurred in textbooks. Rochon and Rossi provide a set of thematic papers on macroeconomics that will give concerned students a palatable introduction to criticisms of mainstream macroeconomics and the foundations of alternative approaches. This volume provides a useful antidote to dogmatic "microfoundations" macroeconomics.' -- Steve Keen, Kingston University, UK
'This volume fills a void in the economics literature by setting out, in crystal-clear prose, the heterodox approach to macroeconomic theory and policy. The authors provide a counterpoint to the orthodox approach that has led to global stagnation and over-indebtedness. In chapters that cross the full range of macroeconomic issues, renowned experts show why the insights of Keynes, Kalecki and Minsky, in particular, can point the way to a different future. Students and professional economists alike will want this volume on their bookshelf.' -- Gary Dymski, Leeds University Business School, UK
'The editors of this enlightening textbook mean what they say. Originally, the term "orthodox" meant something like "right-thinking". However, Rochon and Rossi are quite clear that in economics, the orthodox approach is "essentially wrong" and that orthodox economists, because of their wrong-thinking, do indeed bear a major share of the blame for the economic catastrophes that have befallen us. This is why there is a need for a heterodox approach. The editors and their distinguished contributors are equally adamant that what the economic analysis society urgently needs is monetary and macroeconomic analysis. They have no interest with the disastrous "microfoundations" dogma which is neatly skewered in the concluding chapter.' -- John Smithin, York University, Canada

About Louis-Philippe Rochon

Edited by Louis-Philippe Rochon, Full Professor, Laurentian University, Canada, Co-Editor of Review of Political Economy and Founding Editor Emeritus, Review of Keynesian Economics and Sergio Rossi, Full Professor of Economics, University of Fribourg, Switzerland

Table of Contents

Contents Introduction: The Need for a Heterodox Approach to Economic Analysis Louis-Philippe Rochon and Sergio Rossi PART I ECONOMICS, ECONOMIC ANALYSIS, AND ECONOMIC SYSTEMS 1. What is Economics? Louis-Philippe Rochon and Sergio Rossi 2. The History of Economic Theories Heinrich Bortis 3. Monetary Economies of Production Louis-Philippe Rochon PART II MONEY, BANKS, AND FINANCIAL ACTIVITIES 4. Money and Banking Marc Lavoie and Mario Seccareccia 5. The Financial System Jan Toporowski 6. The Central Bank and Monetary Policy Louis-Philippe Rochon and Sergio Rossi PART III THE MACROECONOMICS OF THE SHORT AND LONG RUN 7. Aggregate Demand Jesper Jespersen 8. Inflation and Unemployment Alvaro Cencini and Sergio Rossi 9. The Role of Fiscal Policy Malcolm Sawyer 10. Economic Growth and Development Mark Setterfield 11. Wealth Distribution Omar Hamouda PART IV INTERNATIONAL ECONOMY 12. International Trade and Development Robert A. Blecker 13. Balance-of-payments Constrained Growth John McCombie and Nat Tharnpanich 14. European Monetary Union Sergio Rossi PART V RECENT TRENDS 15. Financialization Gerald A. Epstein 16. Imbalances and Crises Robert Guttmann 17. Sustainable Development Richard P.F. Holt Conclusion: Do we Need Microfoundations for Macroeconomics? John King Index

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An Introduction to Macroeconomics: A Heterodox Approach to Economic Analysis by Louis-Philippe Rochon
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