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Books by Andrew Cartmel

ANDREW CARTMEL began his career in TV and publishing when he was hired as script editor on Doctor Who in 1986. He had a major (and very positive) impact on the TV show. He has recently completed a comedy for the London stage, Screwball, and is also writing the Vinyl Detective series of crime novels for Titan Books; the third, Victory Disc, is available now. In his spare time, he likes to do stand-up comedy. BEN AARONOVITCH is known for his series of Peter Grant novels, which began with Rivers of London. Mixing police procedural with urban fantasy and London history, these have now sold over a million copies worldwide. Ben is also known for his TV writing, writing fan-favourite episodes of Doctor Who; Remembrance of the Daleks and Battlefield. CHRISTOPHER JONES has worked for DC, Marvel, Titan, Slave Labor Graphics, Image, Malibu, Caliber, and more. He was the regular artist on DC Comics Young Justice, based on the popular animated TV series. His other credits include work on DC's popular Batman '66 title, written by Jeff Parker, Batman & Robin, Day of Judgment and the cult series Young Heroes in Love; and the sci-fi/fantasy graphic novel Also Known As.
Vinyl Detective By Andrew Cartmel
Vinyl Detectiveby Andrew Cartmel
Very Good
5,79 £
Torchwood: Consequences By Andrew Cartmel
Torchwood: Consequencesby Andrew Cartmel
Very Good
5,19 £
Murder Swing By Andrew Cartmel
Murder Swingby Andrew Cartmel
Very Good
5,19 £
Warlock By Andrew Cartmel
Warlockby Andrew Cartmel
Very Good
14,79 £
Warchild By Andrew Cartmel
Warchildby Andrew Cartmel
Very Good
38,19 £
Through Time By Andrew Cartmel
Through Timeby Andrew Cartmel
Very Good
4,19 £
Day of the Dogs By Andrew Cartmel
Day of the Dogsby Andrew Cartmel
Very Good
8,19 £
The Wise By Andrew Cartmel
The Wiseby Andrew Cartmel
Very Good
3,19 £
Swine Fever By Andrew Cartmel
Swine Feverby Andrew Cartmel
Very Good
5,19 £
Doctor Who By Andrew Cartmel
Doctor Whoby Andrew Cartmel
Very Good
19,49 £
Animal By Andrew Cartmel
Animalby Andrew Cartmel
Like New
13,99 £
Script Doctor By Andrew Cartmel
Script Doctorby Andrew Cartmel
Very Good
27,79 £