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Never Enough von Judith Grisel (Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience)

Never Enough Judith Grisel (Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience)

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Never Enough Zusammenfassung

Never Enough: the neuroscience and experience of addiction Judith Grisel (Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience)

A former drug addict turned behavioural neuroscientist reveals how drugs work in the brain - and what we can do to fight addiction.

Judith Grisel was a daily drug user when she began to consider that her addiction might have a cure, one that she herself could perhaps discover by studying the brain. Now, after twenty-five years as a neuroscientist, she shares what she and other scientists have learned about addiction, enriched by captivating glimpses of her personal journey.

In Never Enough, Grisel reveals the unfortunate bottom line of all regular drug use: there is no such thing as a free lunch. All drugs act on the brain in a way that diminishes their enjoyable effects and creates unpleasant ones with repeated use. Delving into the science of one of the world's most pressing health problems, she reveals what is different about the brains of addicts even before they first pick up a drink or drug, and highlights the changes that take place in the brain and behaviour as a result of chronic using.

With compassion and clarity, Grisel describes what drove her to addiction, what helped her recover, and her belief that a 'cure' for addiction will not be found in our individual brains but in the way we interact with our communities.

Never Enough Bewertungen

'A gripping memoir about the real cost of getting high.'

-- Leaf Arbuthnot * The Times *

'A collision of the personal and professional.'

-- Rebecca Schiller * The Observer *

'If you want to know why the drugs don't work (or at least not for long), this is the one for you ... Judith Grisel communicates complex brain science clearly and engagingly.'

-- Ella Walker * The Herald *

'A superb book.'

-- William Leith * The Evening Standard *

'Grisel's account of her wayward early 20s, chasing one high after another, is harrowing ... She writes clearly and unsparingly about both her experiences and the science of addiction - tobacco and caffeine figure in, as well - making plain that there is still much that remains unknown or mysterious about the brain's workings. In the end, she notes, much of our present culture, which shuns pain and favors avoidance, is made up of 'tools of addiction.' Illuminating reading for those seeking to understand the whos, hows, and wherefores of getting hooked.'

* Kirkus *

'Grisel is a recovering addict, a neuroscientist, and a talented writer. Who better to help us understand drug addiction? This book is as informative as it is moving. Here you will find clearly explained science and a gripping account of the personal and societal toll of drug addiction.'

* Martha J. Farah, PhD, Director of Center for Neuroscience & Society, and Walter H. Annenberg Professor in the Natural Sciences, University of Pennsylvania *

'Many scientists write about addiction, but how many are former addicts? Psychology professor Grisel mixes coverage of brain research with the warts-and-all story of her addictions, beginning with alcohol in seventh grade and progressing to marijuana, LSD, cocaine, and IV drug use ... Powerful stuff'

* Booklist *

'Dr. Judith Grisel, a neuroscientist and a person in long term addiction recovery, juxtaposes stark examples from her own tortured past, methodically connecting each experience to the hard science of addiction neurobiology. Doing this captures our attention as we peer into one of the most complex puzzles of humankind. The science behind addiction comes alive in its sorrow and grandeur. When you pick up this book get ready for an intense ride.'

* Paul H. Earley, MD, DFASAM; President-elect of American Society of Addiction Medicine *

'It is rare to have a book on addiction marry emotional and scientific views. Never Enough sends a message of hope in relaying Judith Grisel's pathway out of her own drug quagmire - notably, one triggered by the positive and compassionate responses of those near and dear to her.'

* Christopher J. Evans, PhD, Director of Hatos Center for Neuropharmacology, UCLA *

'Grisel, a behavioural neuroscientist and Bucknell psychology professor, examines the complexities of addiction in this personal account of a decade of substance abuse ... Weaving anecdotes of her ordeal - some funny, others embarrassing - with basic brain science, she explains how drugs work, why some are more effective than others, and how addicts differ from non-addicts.'

* Publishers Weekly *

'With knowledge and compassion, Grisel's work straddles two worlds - that of scientists and former addicts, and is recommended for anyone interesting in furthering their understanding of addiction.'

* Library Journal *

'A timely, educational blend of neuroscience and memoir ... Now a professor and scientist, Grisel is a compassionate and empathetic guide to the hard science behind drug use.'

* BookPage *

'In this book, she explores the effects of drugs and why some people become addicted. She hopes to contribute to a path for freedom from addiction and to help loved ones, carers and policy makers make more informed choices.'

-- Andrea Ripper * Courier Mail *

'With compassion and clarity, Grisel describes what drove her to addiction, what helped her recover, and her belief that a 'cure' for addiction will not be found in our individual brains but in the way we interact with our communities.'

* NB Magazine *


-- Robin Osborne * GPSpeak *

'Never Enough is full of sobering statistics about drug use and abuse. You'll not just be much smarter about how drugs work, you'll b more forgiving and tolerant of addicts and what they struggle with.'

-- Drew Turney * COSMOS *

'This is a book readers won't want to put down ... A highly recommended read for those who want to gain insight into what it means to be an addict from someone who has experienced it personally and professionally.'

* Choice *

'Never have I read a book that combines the theory with the practical, real-life experience when it comes to addiction. Judith Grisel has done just that - taken her own experiences as an addict and added her knowledge as a neuroscientist to produce a truly fascinating read ... this book is a timely read that informs the reader from multiple perspectives.'

* Sam Still Reading *

Über Judith Grisel (Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience)

Judith Grisel, PhD, is a professor of psychology at Bucknell University, and an internationally recognised behavioural neuroscientist with expertise in pharmacology and genetics whose research focuses on determining the root causes of drug addiction. Her recent research helps explain the different trajectories of alcohol abuse in men and women.

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Never Enough: the neuroscience and experience of addiction Judith Grisel (Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience)
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Joint winner of Goodreads Choice Awards Best Science & Technology 2019 (United States)
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