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Are You There Alone? von Suzanne O'Malley

Are You There Alone? Suzanne O'Malley

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Updated with new information, this riveting account of the Andrea Yates case--the mother who drowned her five children in their suburban Houston home--exposes the human mystery and the legal maneuvering surrounding the most horrifying crime in recent history.

Are You There Alone? Zusammenfassung

Are You There Alone?: The Unspeakable Crime of Andrea Yates Suzanne O'Malley

On a June morning in a Houston suburb, a 911 dispatcher questioned the caller on the other end of the line: "ARE YOU HAVING A DISTURBANCE?""ARE YOU ILL?""ARE YOU AT 942 BEACHCOMBER?""ARE YOU THERE ALONE?"It took a jury less than four hours to find Houston housewife Andrea Yates guilty of the drowning deaths of three of her five children -- and a mere half hour to sentence the troubled woman with a stunning history of severe mental problems to life in prison. But beyond the media coverage of her heinous crimes, there is a story that only investigative reporter Suzanne O'Malley has fully illuminated.THIS IS THE BOOK THAT INCLUDES THE REVELATION THAT LED TO THE OVERTURNING OF ANDREA YATES'S CONVICTION.The updated edition of "Are You There Alone?" features a new chapter on the appeal of the Yates case, as well as personal updates on both Andrea and Rusty Yates. Having drawn upon hundreds of interviews -- with expert witnesses, close friends, family advisers, and Andrea and Rusty themselves -- O'Malley has produced a riveting true-crime account that shatters our notions about criminal law, mental illness, death-penalty politics, and religious fanaticism in America today.

Are You There Alone? Bewertungen

"This riveting book puts a human face on a larger social issue. What happens when the violent actions of an improperly medicated mentally ill person intersect with the legal system? Who bears the responsibility?"-- "USA Today"

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Are You There Alone?: The Unspeakable Crime of Andrea Yates Suzanne O'Malley
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